Your Life Is Already Wasted. Instead Of All The “I Can’t Waste My Life” Anxious Crap, Start Living I


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Sep 23, 2015
Most of your stereotypical motivational speakers, teachers, gurus will tell you to not waste your life. To do something about it, chase your career, make money, be happy. Create an amazing future, perhaps. Rings any bells?

An infinite paradox

“Wasting your life” really comes down to your perception of the life that you live. As long as you keep thinking you’re wasting your life, you will be wasting it. But don’t think that if you do something else, you won’t waste your life. The opposite is the truth. A life is always “wasted” – it always ends, always vanishes and even though there are means to keep memories “alive” (i.e. books, pictures..) they are never truly alive, moreover, they’re just memories. Fake. Illusions. That person on the picture is no longer alive – and even though thanks to him we have this and that, eventually, to him it doesn’t matter at all. He’s dead.

No matter what you do, no matter how you do it, when you do it, you will always waste your life. The life you live is wasted the second it comes to existence, because nothing matters and eventually, you will die, your children will die, children of their children will die and your achievements will vanish. Moreover, even if a statue with your name would stand tall on this earth for the next 2 thousand years, you won’t have any idea about it and you won’t be able to care at all.

As sad and depressing as this may seem to you, hold on – it’s not so bad. When you finally realize that none of this matters, only then will you be truly free to have an amazing life and live it the way you want to. You simply have to stop & smell the roses...

Isn’t it ironic that you need to realize there is no freedom in order to be free?

Here are a few key points to think about:
* Stop chasing your dreams. After 10 years of trying to get that golden Mercedes, you will realize you barely remember 10 years of your life, because you’ve been too busy creating your future. You will never get these 10 years back.
* Realize your life is perfect as it is. Always consider the option of things getting worse, or better. There is nothing worse than a person in his twenties trying so hard to reach his thirties just so he can then enjoy his forties. Remember, you might die tomorrow.
* Instead of learning a new skill for the sake of benefiting from it in the future, learn it for the sake of the learning itself. In other words, don’t live today so you can live tomorrow because then, everything can change and it usually gets worse.
* Instead of trying to fix yourself, admit you are imperfect. Once you realize that everything is imperfect, you can make peace with you being imperfect as well. The attitude of trying to “fix something” implies that something is wrong, or broken.
* Don’t be so naïve to think that success, in any areas at all, will make you happy. Be it money, relationships, career, fame, health, place to live in, none of these will make you happy. Surely enough, these things will indeed lift your mood and cause certain emotions in you for some time, however, eternal happiness is impossible. Once you realize that, you can stop chasing success, money & fame and start actually enjoying the life you have got.

People always were, and always will be looking for shortcuts. For a magical formula, a miracle that will make them eternally happy, that will make them feel good forever. It amazes me that to this day, people still search for such a thing, nowadays it means money, fame, having a relationship, being successful. But these things will only make you “happy” for some time before they fade.

Have you ever realized how absurd and ridiculous the concept of 1+1 relationships is? Are you actually so naïve to think there is a person that will “love you forever”? That the “love” you feel towards your partner will last forever and isn’t only a psychological illusion created by the emotions and chemical reactions in your brain?

I’m very sorry to burst your bubble, but the key to happiness is this:
Once you realize there is no magic at all happening in this reality and that all you have is physical world, only then will you be finally, truly free to experience this amazing and beautiful experience that we call life.

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Oct 28, 2015
I agree with you that we always find happiness and contentment by the moment we accept who we are and what we have.

I just want to add though that admitting to a mistake that has been committed is a big leap towards directing life towards the true path of happiness. It's when we standup from a big fall that we often learn our lesson. The critical part here is on how we react to the lesson that's put on our table for every mistake we make.

Nowadays, we're fortunate enough to be surrounded by experts who can guide us with our decisions. You can learn more about this by visiting some helpful sites.


Mar 10, 2016
Great post, for me it's about the journey, learning something for the sake of learning not for the benefits it will bring at a later date.

One certainty is that when we are born we will die, let's enjoy the in between!