You Wouldn’t Guess Why You Can’t Stop Procrastinating


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Sep 23, 2015
It’s a beautiful day outside, sun is shining, kids playing and the thought of you getting out of bed or, god forbid, do anything is killing you from the inside. Most of us know the feeling, even those that belong to the active “go-getters” group and It’s simply one of our basic human behavior patterns to be lazy.

Then the common man reaches for help, usually if allowed, internet is the first one to go to. And there, the poor human sees millions of results, hundreds of thousands of conversations and debates on this topic, which only makes his brain fry. Other than that, we can always look for professional help, seriously though, would you rather do your own research and try to solve the problem on your own, possibly for free, or find an actual doctor that’ll charge you hundreds for an hour?

This article should help you in all the confusion and oversaturation of this problem on the internet. Instead of providing solutions, I’d like to provide you with the problems or reasons, giving you the freedom and space to come up with your own solutions. These solutions will most likely prove to be the most accurate, useful and effective in comparison with whatever you’re being told, as other people can only serve you a generalized solutions or opinions.

The question then remains: Why I can’t stop procrastinating?

Here are a couple of simple, useful reasons worth taking into consideration:

1. Psychological reasons or “I hate being forced to do something”

Some people were raised strictly, with a lot of responsibilities and “to-do’s”. Usually, these guys in their early adulthood hate even the thought of doing something not because they choose to, but because they have to. This attitude develops a strong sense of rebellion, whilst the main idea is:

I won’t do it because I want to utilize and make use of my free will while defying whoever is forcing me.

2. Environmental reasons

The level of lightning in the room where you are plays a huge factor, and so does the placement of furniture and yourself. Do not underestimate the light, as it is one of the key factors that our body uses to determine, construct and set up it’s internal biological clock. In other words, if it’s too dark, you’ll naturally get sleepier. If it’s too bright, you might get nervous or impatient. Having a disturbing background (like TV, cellphone or even a glass door with people passing by) is also a big player in this game. Don’t forget to clean, even if you don’t feel like it, it’s beneficial in the long run. Also, it is said that having your phone nearby might be disturbing, but in some cases, not having it makes it even harder to focus.

3. Information and/or task overload

It is a common phenomena that one really wants to do something, motivation is there and so is energy and all the necessary tools, but the massive amount of information makes it nearly impossible to even begin with the task. The reason being: you don’t know where to start. There are 10 options and all of them are good enough, while none of them is more or less important. Keeping it simple is essential.

4. Physiological reasons

To me, it is still a mystery why, instead of getting proper sleep, people tend to force themselves to be productive. Let’s say you come home from the usual 8-hour long shift, you eat (which, by the way, makes you even lazier as the body consumes a lot of energy to digest the food) and proceed to write, paint, sell or whatever it is that you’re doing, then wonder why your creation isn’t as good as you wanted it to be. You’re tired, that’s why.

5. Lack of self-esteem

Commonly happens to creative artists, writers, but nobody is really excluded from this list. Microsoft Word is open, the first sentence is written but then the realization comes: “It will be crap anyway, why should I bother.” Then the person goes on to look for a different task, starts it and ends up the same way, which makes this cycle go ad infinitum.

Hopefully, this article helped you figure out why you can’t stop procrastinating, or at least made you exercise your brain cells a bit. If you’re interested, visit my website Temet Nosce for more similar articles.

Thank you a lot for reading! Don’t forget to stay positive.


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Oct 6, 2015
Thanks for sharing your experience with procrastinating! I've had a number of people share their troubles with procrastination with me, so I know it's a real problem for people.

Todd Hicks

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Dec 3, 2014
St. Louis, Missouri
Your post has enlightened me and taught me something. As for seeing ten great results on a search page, I just start clicking the results rather than letting it overwhelm me. You can conquer information overload.