You Can’t Manifest Everything!

J E Roberson

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Jun 9, 2014
Colorado USA
So what do I mean you can’t manifest everything? Some may jump into judgment thoughts about the desires of others. Saying I agree Jason, “people should not try to manifest boats and 3 cars and stuff!” For others who doubt the power of their mind and its effectiveness they are saying, “I agree Jason, that fluff doesn’t work you need to work hard”. I have nothing against either perspective however neither of those are my point today. I ultimately want to talk about creating life more effectively by yielding to the will of the universe or what I like to refer to as God.

To address the extremes above, I personally believe we should obtain our hearts TRUE desires and the universal law of thoughts creating things never, I said never fails!

When I claim you can’t manifest everything my goal is to take the weight of the world off the shoulders of those stuck in an outdated paradigm of spiritual codependency. Living in spiritual codependency is when we are blaming ourselves for everything that is going “wrong” in our life under the assumption we are out of alignment or going backwards in life by our own doing. For example you believe you must be thinking wrong if you encounter an angry person or doing something wrong if you don’t have what you want in life right this moment. I am not saying we are not connected to everything we experience.

Consider this, we can manifest outcomes but can’t control means to those outcomes with out inflicting self-pain. Those who try to overly control the situations, circumstance and people on their path without a doubt experience undue and increased stress.

In 2010 I had a corporate job and spent a ton of time commuting back and fourth it made me angry. I decided to pursue a life with more patience. What happen next was a ridiculous amount of situations and people testing my patience. I could have said whoa “I’m doing something wrong or my alignment is off”. However, I knew it takes a lot of heat to turn sand into glass and a lot of pressure to create a diamond from coal. Why would me polishing process not be similar in someway?

I’ve heard a story of women who wanted a new car in her life. Sometime later she was stuck in a flood under a bridge and was rescued by the fire department. The car ruined. It was easy for her to believe “I’m going backwards; I wanted a new car now I have no car. My alignment is off, I’m being a bad person ect.” Later in the story insurance replaced her car, which was irreversibly damaged with a new car worth more than her old one.

I encourage you to take the swift path toward your results, which only comes from an intelligence with a greater perspective and you trusting the route it provides. I had a conversation today with a person who said there is no higher energy, no God. I said, “I have felt that way at one time however I have noticed, in times as I write you this note and do the simple task of my day some energy beats my heart and breathes for me. I sometimes take control of my breathing, but soon forget and it goes back to that energy’s control. I’m to dumb to even remember to breath and maintain my own life so I must give some credit away to something no matter what I call him, her, it.”

Your greatest desires are here on Earth for you. They are already waiting and your job is to carve your way through thick energy toward your prize and why not have fun doing it, right? The only thing that makes the path increasingly difficult is not having a clear life direction or purpose. Without that you have not engaged the GPS of life because it has no destination, but even then everything is working on your behave. It may just be a little more painful because of the resistance you give. However with a destination you can enjoy the ride.

Step 1 correctly delivery your goal to the universe, step 2 decide how easy you want the path to be, step 3 figure out what you need to do with your day outside of the short study or practice time you invest in.

If you don’t have a 24/7 game plan to mindfully reach your goal you may not be on the direct path. Which is okay, it’s about the trip. Meditation, Chi gong, reading or whatever your doing for 2 hours a day gets you closer but are you getting further away the other 22 hours a day?

Have Fun and enjoy life!


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May 28, 2011
California, USA
Thanks for the insightful thoughts and good advice. I like the point about it being about the trip. The direct path isn't necessarily the best path you need right? If I could add to that, is deliver your goals from a place of appreciating what you have right now, and that you are excited about the continued expansion and unfolding of your life. Life is an adventure. Avoid thoughts of lack. I believe that can attract more lack, and it sends a message to the universe that you disagree with what it's brought you right now. Not the best way to align yourself. Meditation is wonderful for this because if you meditate properly, it's impossible to feel lack, or have that useless mind chatter about what happened in the past or what might happen in the future. A book I recommend on meditation both beginner and advanced is called Mindfulness, Bliss, and Beyond by Ajahn Brahm.

Also, if you have a goal, just send it to the universe and then don't fret about it and don't be too presciptive. I heard a story once about someone who wanted to travel and became fixated on getting the money, and money became the prescriptive goal and the goal sent to the universe was needing money. The person got stuck and frustrated. That was a mistake, the money isn't the goal, the travel is the goal. The person later dropped the fixation on money being an obstacle, started looking into traveling, and ended up finding an opportunity to travel for free, and did so.

Samuel Rosario

Coaching Member
May 6, 2016
The best way to have peace of mind and thoughts aligned with the universe to achieve your goals is to get away from negative people and negative conversations, not listening to the news much is a great idea, instead, listen to motivational and great speakers like Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins or Les Brown!!!. Your mind will not have time thoughts like quitting, giving up or complaining!


May 19, 2016
South Africa
I loved what you said about having a plan for life, so many people dont have a master plan to their loves and when you think about it, it makes so much sense. you would go on a road trip with no GPS or a map so why do we go on our journeys through life with no plan?

i also agree with Samuel on the news and newspapers, I havent watched the news or read a newspaper in 3 years and i cant begin to tell you how different my life has been!

awesome thread !