Written or Not. What Are Writing/Going to/Want to Write?

Marty Labrado

Coaching Member
May 30, 2014
Las Vegas, Nv.
Good morning everyone! I'm finally feeling
a ton better. More than good enough to start
contributing to this wonderful community
once more.

Like the title asks: What are you writing?

It doesn't matter if you haven't begun writing
or are currently in the process. Let us know!

I you have written a book already then this is
the perfect opportunity to promote it. Let us
know what it is about and provide the link!


What is your book about?
How will it help?
Who's your target audience?
Are you sticking to eBooks, audio
books, hardback, or all of the above?

Jo Edwards

Sep 16, 2014
United states
I'm writing several things at the moment

1. a series of short stories based on everyday things I think happen to other people like not wanting to get out of bed
2. a guide to using e-mail marketing to make money online and a swipe file I'm creating
3. a guide on creating a new business regardless of the platform even if you don't know how businesses work
4. a guide on the three pieces of the law of attraction

these short stories are entertaining for for people 18 to 25 currently avaible as a PDF
all of these guides target people in the personal development market who are still struggling to start - these are my personal templates for success in each of the topics.
The guides will have PDF, audio, and video, along with personal coaching and subscription options

You can pre-order them by sending a message to theinvestorclub@live-wealth.com
You can also purchase Private Licensing rights if you're interested in selling it.

On top of the books, I'm creating e-mails that my subscribers enjoy, but I don't think that's what you mean. Thanks for starting this post.
I've got another similar post going about "what do you know about making money online" Hopefully we'll get a list going of ideas people can try when they're just starting out. The internet is probably the best way to reach millions of people directly, providing a personal experience. This huge market, direct personal connection, and the automation of the internet and programming code leads to the best way to make huge profits.


Jun 14, 2015
Hi Marty,

I have written one book but I then threw it out. Can you believe that. But I have recently started my blog. Six weeks into it. You did say self promote did you not? This is the address www.digalittledeeper0.me

It is about self development. Anything I have learnt along the way I share it with what I had to go through to come out the other end. I am very proud of the work I am producing at the moment. And would love to share it.

Good question.

I see you are a regular source of discussion topics so I will talk to you soon.