Why Your Deliberate Intentions Will Never Manifest "Exactly" As Anticipated

Sep 13, 2019
When deliberately manifesting, avoid having any "expectations" regarding the details of the experience you seek. Only have an expectation of having a specific experience. You will be hard-pressed to be able to predict who, what, when, where, and how you will attract when attempting to attract, in order to manifest deliberately. This is because what you attract is a reflection of your entire being and essence. It is a reflection of who you are at your very core which is something that our intellectual thoughts can't comprehend.

Although our logical mind is a wonderful tool, it doesn't have the final say in that which we draw towards us. We know so little about our entire mind, body, and soul. Our intellectual minds are limited to knowing our ego’s identity, and not much more. Your conscious mind and all your mental developments, both socially and academically, are a single-digit-percentage of who you are as a whole. However, the universe reflects one-hundred-percent of who you are in all your attractions. Therefore, you will never attract who, what, when, where, and how you “thought” you would. That said, because like attracts like, and your manifestations are based on the elements you attract, the experiences you manifest will never turn out as expected.

When you think of the term “deliberate manifestation,” remember that it is possible for that manifestation to be twenty-percent deliberate if you only use your mind. The other eighty percent would then pan out by default according to who you are as an entire being. Therefore, events will not happen how you envision they would turn out.

At our level of spiritual development, it is almost impossible for any of us to grasp the totality of who we are, and that's what the universe reflects back to us. It reflects the totality of who we are, and last I checked we only use about ten percent of our brains. Our hearts and spirits are ageless. Our physical conscious minds are relatively new to an eternal universe. Our minds are new to an eternal universe that has been operating under the same rules for an eternity. Our mind is just a tool for us to be able to adapt to and navigate within this third-dimensional reality.

Although our logical construct of thinking constitutes a very limited part of us as a whole, we still need our logical minds to be able to embrace the third-dimensional Earth-human experience, fully. That said, what must be understood about deliberate attraction and manifestation is the results of your efforts will never come to you in a clean, linear fashion as expected. Also, the results of your efforts will never come to fruition how you expected, or along the lines of a plot you expected.

When attempting to deliberately attract and manifest, it is vital that you release your expectations. Put your thoughts to a minimum; follow your heart and raise your awareness. When you are ready to manifest and are deliberately intentional, you must get out of your mind and trust what happens. Follow your heart and stay aware because the five senses you use to navigate within this third-dimensional reality are incapable of navigating you through the shifts of higher vibrating events. Only your heart and spirit can do that. In other words, you must learn to trust your gut feelings all the while going with the flow. Of course, this is only when you are a fully intentional being.

To expand on the reality of actual manifested results, let's take the artist who would envision an art design then set forth to create it on canvas. This is the artist who is not sketching or copying from anything physical. This artist is copying an idea from her mind onto a physical medium. The artist who creates from a thought is very similar to how you will be manifesting. No artist ever ended up with the exact masterpiece envisioned before attempting to create it. Usually, during the process of creating an art piece, the artist hits many points of improvising through intuitive guidance. The artist is still focused on the idea, which is the intentional state of mind needed to follow through. Her intention to create a specific piece of art remains solid in her mind through the entire process. She also believes and knows the project will eventually get done. The rest is left to the joy of the process, and the emotions to be felt upon its completion. It's not uncommon for an artist to gaze upon their finished art in amazement and disbelief because it came out better than expected. An art piece that is perfect, and one-of-a-kind.

When manifesting deliberately for the first time, the worst-case scenario is you won't get anywhere close to what you attempted to manifest, but instead, get closer to figuring out who you truly are and what you truly desire. You would figure this out by knowing where you started and realizing where you ended up. In this worst-case scenario, you will have a better reference for future manifestations. Once you have found enough of yourself, the fruits of your labor will be the life you truly desired all along. You will likely deal with turbulence towards this discovery. Once you unlearn to want what you are supposed to want according to the status quo, the ride will be smoother. Upon your coming to this conclusion and seeking what genuinely fulfills you, all those old empty feelings you once had will start to reside. Remember, your attraction, and manifestation results are directly proportional to all of who you are. All of who you are also includes your mind, but also includes your beliefs, intentions, feelings, genetics, experiences, and so much more. Everything that makes you uniquely you and only you is what makes your experiences unique from everyone else's. For many of you, this will be bad news in the beginning, yet great news towards the end of your journey.

Remember to leave the micromanaging and technicalities for the universe to take care of. Just like when you are going to a beach to surf, you know that waves are being created and will continue to be created when you arrive. Your only task is to know how to get to the breaking point of the waves so you can ride them. That said, a lot of thought and planning happened before your coming here to Earth, and you had a lot to do with it. For that reason, you can not micromanage where you are. When you do return to the absolute, you can micromanage all you want because then you will be more of a creator who materializes your reality instantly. As for now, you are a manifester who lives off the fat of the land in this pre-created reality known as the relative.

~Nicholas D’Arezzo~