Dec 26, 2016
Motivation is a nice thing. It’s like a warm bath. You want to take one, but it’s not enough. You start running east looking for a sunset, I don’t care how motivated or positive you are, it’s not going to work. You need a better strategy.

If the guy is an idiot, and you motivate him, at the end of the day you just have a motivated idiot.

Don't choose mentors who just talk about positive thinking and to put on a smile and repeat happy and positive thoughts. Positive thinking will get you nowhere. You need the skills to make it happen – otherwise; it’s just a delusion. Delusional people want great stuff, but they don’t have the necessary skills or aren’t willing to do the work.

When you knock on the door of Opportunity, don't be surprised that it's Work who answers.
Progress is the ultimate motivation. And progress comes from taking action.

The world rewards those who take action vs. those who just want to watch a bunch of motivation videos on youtube.
Inspiration is needed to create consistent action, but your habits are going to define you and your success.

If you translate inspiration into habits and implementation, that's where the transformation comes from. Habits trump inspiration and motivation every single time.

Most people don't take action on their own. You need someone that hold you accountable.

The Cycle of Non-finishers:
1. Motivation (watch an inspirational speech on starting your own business)
2. Excitement (visualize future money and freedom)
3. Try to do something (read articles, learn code, blog, open multiple tabs in your browser)
4. “It’s not working” (we get distracted, coding is hard, and nobody’s reading your blog, too many tabs opened, too many books to read)
5. Motivation drops, activity dwindles, and we retreat to safety (rationalization, barriers, “next time”)
6. Repeat

Reasons come first results comes second. The bigger the reason, the higher results you get. Very often desperation is stronger than inspiration because people will do much more to avoid pain than they'll ever do to gain pleasure. Activity without high levels of purpose is the drain to your fortune.

Hustle is a necessity. It's not a goal. Just making hard work your focus and saying "Oh to be successful as an entrepreneur, you must work hard and sleep 2 hours a day. That's a bunch of BS. The goal is to do twice as much as everyone else but half the work.

At times hustle is extremely necessary. This is especially true when you're starting out on your entrepreneurial journey. But hustle is a means to an end; it's not a goal.

Your goal should be to create a sustainable business model, that if you put a great team behind it, can run without you being in the day-to-day. Having a sustainable business will allow you to spend time with your friends and your loved ones.

Your goal shouldn't be to purely hustle. Your goal should be to live a long, healthy and fulfilled life. Set your sights on living that life instead, although, you might have to hustle at times to get there...

It's crazy how so many entrepreneurs say "you must work 20h a day" like it's the only thing you need when in reality it's all about the strategy and best people you can get. I'm not talking about the BS "Work smart, not hard."
I'm saying you've got to work hard on smart things. Do both.

It's not how many hours you work. It's what you put in those hours.

Productivity creates wealth. If you want to be wealthy, you must be productive. If you sit in a room for the rest of your life and watch tv, your bank account will reflect it. Productivity doesn't equal busy. A lot of people are busy and working hard, but they're broke.

People who are dabblers never get what they want in life. They just jump from product to product, opportunity to opportunity, and they don't have the right mentality to be successful long-term.

You can't just invest in something, and, like, "Oh, it didn't work. I'm going to go onto the next thing." and Every month you're just moving from product to product because you can't go deep in something.
You have to focus. Every master was once a disaster.

Your success isn't based on what you do. Two guys have the same idea, one makes millions with it, and the other ends up broke. What's the difference?

It’s never what you do. It’s how you do it. People don't buy what you do; they buy why you do it. People don't buy from you because they understand you. People buy from you because they feel understood.

People won’t follow you if you set a goal. People follow you if you have a vision.

How to deal with negative thoughts:

1. Write it down so it doesn't stay in your head.

2. Question it.

- What's stupid and funny about this belief?

3. Interrupt the pattern or emotion. You can yell something like "stop." And Immediate change your physiology. You can jump to your feet, take a deep breath, whatever.

4. Remember a time you felt great and unstoppable.

5. Celebrate and reward yourself for changing the negative thoughts. What gets rewarded, gets repeated.

Most people only start to live life when they face death. 99% of people believe they can't do great things, so they aim for mediocrity.

Rich people don't want a life balance or work-life balance. They want abundance in everything while the average person wants a life balance.

The balance thing is a scam and bullshit. The enemy of great is average. Average sucks. You don't want to be average.
Find out what poor people read, and don't read it. Do the opposite of them, and your chances are better.

The most dangerous words that you could ever say is ‘I already know that.’ The question isn't if you know that, it’s, are you doing that?
  • Have you mastered that?
  • Does your waistline show you know that?
  • Does your bank account show you know that?
  • And if it doesn’t, you need to move that information to the front of your mind and create an action plan.

Take Action:
Do you have a friend or college that makes this mistake?
- Send them a link to this article; you might be saving their life.

If you enjoyed this article, I highly recommend these courses:
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Jesus, what are fucking post. You really hit the nail on the head with this one. I have to say though the fact that you linked Tai Lopez in this article loses some credibility the dude is clearly a scam artisit but Tony Robins is just a god. You should take a look at Gary Vee, he's pretty good. Or check out the site www.infinityillusion.com dudes are really inspiring people to get people up in running first hand, really informative speakers they have the perfect blend of what you said info to execute and motivation to inspire. Really worth checking out.
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