Why Almost Nobdy Is Successful?

Samuel Rosario

Coaching Member
May 6, 2016
Studies show that 95% of people end up having a very mediocre, average or below average life, and that only 5% people have a life of abundance, wealth and prosperity.

Why is that?..

The problem lies on one specific thing that Earl Nightingale mentions in his book Lead The Field, and that is: ''Following the follower''. Yes, everybody follows everybody. People follows everyody's habits.

People wanna fit in. They wanna look like everyone else to be accepted, they wanna use the masses vocabulary, their excuses, their topics of conversation, their complainings, their habits of overspending all the money. they wanna have a normal life to be ''saved''.

All this leads to a life empty, mediocre and average without purpose and, of course, without happiness.

So in your case, don't be like them, you are different, if you are reading this it is because you're interested in your success.

If you wanna have a life different than the masses, you must develop habits that are totally the opposite of most people.

So it's like Jim Rohn said: Don't do what they do, don't go where they go, don't speak like they speak, don't walk like they walk, develop your own vocabulary'' In other words he said: ''walk away from them''.

Remember, if you do what everyone else does, you'll get the results everyone else gets.

Walk away from the majority, if you wanna have an abundant life, and join the minority, these are the group of people that understand the Universal Principles of Success.

So from now on, don't follow the follower, follow the habits and teachings from successful people, listen to successful people, read books about it.