Why Affirmations Don't Work

J E Roberson

Senior Advisor
Jun 9, 2014
Colorado USA
  1. the action or process of affirming something or being affirmed.
    2. emotional support or encouragement.

Have you tried affirming with little to no results? Although I speak out often and started promoting webinars about the Positive Thinking Myth, my personal believe is affirmations work well however I wanted to highlight a common challenge when one attempts to affirm a new belief or behavior.

In 2012 I started my coaching practice and at the time I was huge on affirmations, I made a youtube video about my cell phone affirmations.

It seems common now, at the time I didn't know many people doing it. I would program my cell phone to go off like an alarm and give me a affirmation to read and realize.

At the time I was also receiving calls from bill collectors and would program their numbers to say nice things when they called. Instead of Visa it would say "You are incredibly awesome" and stuff like that.

I thought it was great until I day I realized things were moving a tad slower than I wanted. Not in a need it now way, but in a "this may be slowing me down" way. The next sign was I couldn't get my clients to really benefit from the practice without causing stress.

If affirmations are not working well for you this little tip may help.

I found out one of the reason affirmations aren't easily accepted and new behaviors revealed may be the fact most of us try to place affirmations on a cluttered mind thus drowning out any new info, especially new beliefs that don't have an associating section in our mind to call home. These rouge thoughts are swiftly taken through our filter process( you known the neuro science fact that we delete, distort and reorder info prior to our awareness of it) and destroyed.

Here is a visual, below each white board represents our mind.
If we want to affirm "ABUNDANT HEALTH and ENERGY".
Which mind do you think will accept with more ease a new affirmation?

The busy mind

The Clear mind

Obvious right?

In order to increase the likelihood of your affirmations taking hold as seeds in your mind and growing a harvest of new thoughts you need clean fertile ground.

In other words try to only place your affirmations on a relaxed and clear mind, not a full, stressed or busy mind. What works for me is a few minutes of breathing with all attention given to the breath, prior to affirming. If I can't get my mind clear I mat need to take action, if I can clear it I affirm from the end result of my goal with the feeling being the only thing of importance.

So do you use affirmations and How do you get your mind in a state of receiving?