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Apr 5, 2017
We are thankful to God everyday. We have learned many things and even have different views about Him. Some people argue with the others and they try to prove that their views about God are correct.

Life is a learning process. Beliefs are necessary so you can continue your life here. You need a foundation of belief, and from there you will begin the discovery of what is the real nature of God. Life is not about who is right or who is wrong. Your life is your own journey, it's all yours . Don't let other people control it, leave their judgement and criticism. Mind your own business and find God in your own way.
Don't force yourself to know the whole personality of God in just one day because it is impossible. It won't happen overnight, simply because you won't be able to handle too much information. That's why life is a progressive path for it offers you a series of stage that you need to take slowly in order for you to absorb at your own pace the lessons of life.

Take whatever teachings that resonate to you about God because you need it so you can move on to the next stage. The reason why some people get stuck in their lives is because they refuse to learn new things and refuse to grow. Some people believe that they already know everything.

They think that they already know the true nature of God and as a result, they become close minded people and oppose other people's belief. The truth is, the teaching you know is applicable only at a certain level. Once you have already completed that level, you need to move on to another stage. I'm not saying it's no longer valid, but it already taught you what you needed to know. You need to move on now to a new stage of your life.

God is everything, but it doesn't end there. This is an incomplete statement but this is not wrong. Just what I said before there is a deeper teaching of this one and higher understanding of it. It also applies to all aspects of life. All we need to do is to find it on our own. Life is a journey whether it's a spiritual one or not. What important is that you live it to the fullest.

God love us unconditionally, and He always give us a chance to change our mistakes. So why don't you give yourself chance too? Don’t blame yourself and don't be hard on yourself.

God gave us classroom to learn many things and to improve ourselves. We call that classroom, "Earth". Let's all be kind and compassionate to our classmates here.
God is within us, the living God is always with us. We are His children. Some people cannot accept it and they think that it is wrong to compare them to God because He is perfect and they are not. That is one of the reasons why this life is a slow learning process. It's up to you on how you will discover what your real nature is.
All we need to do to contact God. We call Him within our hearts. We are always connected to Him. We just need to be sincere in our prayers and talk to Him just like you are talking to an ordinary person.

God is always ready to give you directions about what you need to do in your life, you just need to listen and be willing to let go all of your expectations about life .
God loves us and He is always there for us. If you need wisdom to understand your situation, you can ask Him for it. He will provide you everything that you need. Life has a deeper meaning and purpose that's why there are things that happen to us and there are things we can't obtain.
I know sometimes your situation doesn't really make sense to you but if you allow things to happen, you will understand it eventually and it can expand your awareness and perception.

Sometimes life is tough for us but always remember that you have God beside you .

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Jul 31, 2018
And yet, while the "I" is not God, the Absolute, it is infinitely greater than we have imagined it to be before the light dawned upon us. It extends itself far beyond what we had conceived to be its limits. It touches the Universe at all its points, and is in the closest union with all of Life. It is in the closest touch with all that has emanated from the Absolute—all the world of Relativity. And while it faces the Relative Universe, it has its roots in the Absolute, and draws nourishment therefrom, just as does the babe in the womb obtain nourishment from the mother. It is verily a manifestation of God, and God's very essence is in it. Surely this is almost as "high" a statement as the "I Am God" of the teachers just mentioned,—and yet how different " Raja Yoga, William Walker Atkinsons http://www.sacred-texts.com/eso/ryo/index.htm