When you love Allah "God", He will love you back giving you an endless feeling of peace and contentment


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Oct 5, 2015
Allah “God” is not only found in mosques or other worship buildings. He is found everywhere. Love Him and you will be able to see Him in a child’s smile, in a beautiful flower, in the green trees, in the blue sea with the amazing creatures that live inside it and in the high mountains with their different colors. Love Him and you will see Him in the help given by you to a friend or to a person that you do not know at all, in your visit to an ill person and in the loyalty of a friend to you in your tough time. Love Him and you will see Him in the happiness appearing in your wife’s eyes when you give her that simple present or when you tell her a kind nice loving word reminding her that you love her, you will see Him in the happiness in your husband’s eyes when you show your love to Him, in the love of your loved one and in a prayer you said and was replied. If you love Him, you will see Him in each beautiful thing. You will see Him, even in your hard times in the words of a good friend that reminds you of Him and how kind He is.

Some people who claim to know Allah “God” while in fact they are ignorant of Him hided the truth about Him and presented to the world a very distorted picture of Him through their own ugly words and their own terrible actions which by no way related to Allah "God". If you love Allah “God”, you will see the truth about Him. He is all about kindness, goodness and treating others in good manners . He is Love itself. He calls us to have peace with each other and even with other creatures in the universe such as animals and plants. He is peace. The most beautiful thing that happens when you love Allah “God” is that He will loves you back and He will see you in a special way as you saw Him in a special way which will for sure reflect very positively on your life.

In my opinion, to love Allah “God” is the best way to know him and to have faith in Him not to fear Him and it is the easiest way ever because how easy to love Him as He is the most merciful, the most kind, the most loving, the most generous who gave us so many gifts which are endless and can not be countable. The result of having faith in Him is incredibly amazing and it includes so many good things, the most important of them is bringing an endless feeling of peace and contentment into your life.
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