What's The Value Of Mind Health Compared To Body Health?

Ally Mckean

Coaching Member
Jun 14, 2016
Do the two work together equally? I don't think so, not quite, maybe even not at all.

I've pursued a great body and attemped to become physically amazing...but I've always valued my mind and the 'inside' of me as opposed to the 'outside' of me as being an imperative part of my existence and my very happiness.

This idea is supported by physically disabled folks the world over living full, positive lives.

And now that I'm on my Personal Development path I see that the 'inside' of me as having even more value to me as an individual. That does not mean I stop caring about the outside of me, goodness no! I'm too vain for that!

But I'm interested to know;

1. What is the value of Mind Health compared to Body Health?

2. Why is there very little emphasis put on Mind Health in a proactive way on a large scale when I'm sure you'd agree, the benefits of Personal Development are potentially nothing short of life-changing?


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Nov 15, 2016
United States
Many times, people have been told they would not heal from this or that disease, yet they do. They do so with personal motivation to find the remedy that is right for them. While I do agree that body and mind cannot function without each other, the mind is what commands the body ultimately. Yes, sometimes there can be great bodily malfunctions and then the mind-body relationship can take a very complicated course, but most of the chronic diseases out there have been cured with proper mindset, which unfortunately many doctors will not tell you.