What Is The Biggest Dream Killer For You?

Jun 8, 2018
Every person on this planet have at least one dream.
There are several reasons, why not everyone could change this dream into reality.
What are the biggest dream killers for you?
Is it failure, rejection, procrastination?
Those all are big dream killers, but there is one even bigger..
It´s these 4 words: What Will People Say
These 4 words kills more dreams, then anything else.
Why we let people decide, what is, and what isn´t right for us?
Why anyone who has different dream, is mocked all the time? - because If it would be easy, everybody would do it.
So, don´t let those mockers, discourage you, use these people for your bigger motivation, and as a classic said: Work in silence, let success makes the noise.

What are biggest dream killers for you?