What is Success?


Feb 21, 2015
"I firmly believe that any man's finest hour, the greatest fulfillment of all that he holds dear, is that moment when he has worked his heart out in a good cause and lies exhausted on the field of battle...Victorious. Vince Lombardi

Isn't this true of life?

The true reward of success does not come in the prize at the end, but in the journey of triumphing over struggle, time
after time.

To illustrate, let's compare the self-made man or woman, to perhaps a child star, who is thrust into the limelight, maybe even against their will.

Look at Richard Branson for example. By his own admission it took him years of struggle, solving problems, and persistence to make Virgin Records a household name.

Branson's journey forced him to develop the character that simply could succeed in any almost any environment, and he has done just that.

So why, with his copious fortune and fame, has he been able to stay relatively grounded it seems, and an individual like Lyndsay Lohan has been in and out of rehab like a chicken in a turn-style?

Let's look closer at Lohan's journey.

Child start thrust into the spotlight from a young age. Did she even have a say in her career? I can't say, but what I can say is that she wasn't granted the required struggle and journey needed to forge the strong character required for a successful life.

Now we know that true success comes not in the prize but the person we become in triumph over struggle. So we must

work on developing our character, every.... single.... day.

That is the key to success. Do that, and success is inevitable.


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Oct 20, 2014
Success is different to everyone.
Hopefully everyone looks at success with their own eyes and define it themselves.
And on the journey they end up becoming the best person they can

I can agree with that part "the person you become is most important"
to add : If you like that person
here is the other part.

From my eyes its really hard to judge people of what you see.
I mean you have no idea what they have been through or how they think.

No doubt about Richard hold his s**t together and hes a good role model for me and many others.

But Lohans past and her upbringing has shaped her in some way.

It might have been something in her past that created a mental block for her and thats why shes acting this way?
Can it be that she actually dont give a s**t?
Can it be that this is exactly the life she wants to live at the moment and actually are happy and she defines her success like this?

Now Im really going to mess with your thinking.

Can it be that Lohan is smart as f*** and dont even use drugs and alcohol anymore?

She might be playing with old pictures? actually selling her self and earning I mean TONS of money for her marketing stunt?

She might be going in and out of rehab for attention?

hiring her own guy whos stalking her and get the "best pictures" and selling them herself to all the magazines.

Hiring her own club and giving all the people free liqure and money to sell her story.
Then 04.40 she walks out from the club does her old "drug dance" or whatever and her own photograph man shots the only picture at her and she sells it as "anynome" lohan shitfaced and stoned agian at her favorite club "this club" all other who where in there helps her sell her story.

And just because someone is a "child star" dont you think they have to give up things? struggle? be the best they can?
Of course pure talent will give you a good start but then?

Imagen just being up on stage and preforming at the age of like 6? sinning or dancing or whatever she does.
Some people cant even talk in group when they are 45 .

I dont know really, Im just saying: just because something looks one way.....

"Child start thrust into the spotlight from a young age. Did she even have a say in her career? I can't say, but what I can say is that she wasn't granted the required struggle and journey needed to forge the strong character required for a successful life."

Thats pretty hard statement.
First of it you dont know
If your story is correct about lohans drugs and all crazy s**t , I think she has more struggle in her journey then many other "successful star"
The last part of "successful life" , what if she thinks shes living a successful life?

If you compare what struggles and "life events" they have been through I have no idea whos winning to be honest.

I dont even know how Lohan looks, I dont know her past, Ive heard she is a drug/alcoholic abuser, I dont even feel bother to look her up, heard a marketing guy talked about her for 2 months ago.

I know who Richard is
I read hes books, watched him on youtube, hes a great inspiration for me.

Whats my point here? well its really hard to make a case out of people we dont know and how they define their own "successful life"
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Mar 15, 2015
Success can only be defined by each individual who is assessing what success is. This is because success is defined by the unconscious rules that we write inside our head.

Take someone who is an executive, they may earn $1 million a year and live in a $3 million house. To most people this person would look very successful. Yet if we asked this person if they thought they were successful they would tell you that they were not successful. You see, according to this person he might unconsciously define success as earning $3 million a year, living in a $10 million and being the CEO.

If this person doesn’t gain success by his ‘unconscious rules’ he would eventually become very confused at why he doesn’t feel successful, which could ultimately lead to some kind of depression. So the best solution to this would be becoming aware of those rules that they are writing unconsciously in their head. Just by becoming aware of these unconscious rules inside their head and possibly redefining them, they would start making a big difference in their life.

William Martinez

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Mar 25, 2015
The unconscious rules could be due to many factors, mostly environmental conditioning, but others have instilled within themselves "unconscious rules" consciously to get a certain expected result. And ofcourse it's true, that what you thought would bring you success didnt. You can only feel the experience of being successful if what your working towards produces "fulfillment" as the end result.