What Does Leadership Mean to You?

Marty Labrado

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May 30, 2014
Las Vegas, Nv.
Hello all!

I'm an active member of a few communities where
the main focus is leadership development. One thing
I find though all of the communities is Leadership
means different things to different people.

Don't get me wrong. There is still a core definition
to Leadership.

For me, it means serving and helping others succeed.

What does Leadership mean to you?


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Oct 20, 2014
There is many things a leader need.

Be able to find the best in people, inspire them to use it and take advantage of it and show them there is nothing that can stop them.


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Mar 15, 2015
The best definition on leadership for me has to be John Maxwell’s definition – Leadership is Influence. By that definition, we don’t need to run an organisation of a thousand people to be a leader. We are a leader in all areas of our life!

A leader has many jobs, but I think that the most important job of a leader is to add value. This has to be intentional if a leader is going to be effective, the more value a leader adds, the more influence he gains.

I read a John Maxwell article today that said being a leader is like carrying two buckets, one filled with water and another filled with gas. Whenever you come across a flame (a problem) you have a choice of which bucket to use, the water or the gas. I believe that this is a great way of determining if you or anybody else is an asset as a leader, or a liability to the people that you lead!

One of the greatest revelations for me on leadership, which I think everyone misses at first glance, is that the most important person to lead is you. You see, you are the source of everything that happens with the people that you lead, so if you are not leading yourself correctly, how can you ever expect to add value to the people you lead. :)
Mar 21, 2015
Being a leader to me means guiding and motivating your team to reach a clearly define common goal.

Erica Faith

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Feb 1, 2015
For me, Leadership is the unspoken voice of the followers' future action and will.


Leading from the front and taking all the responsibility is called leadership. A good leader always led by an example and he has to take responsibility and this is what makes him prominent from others.
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Mar 22, 2015
A great leader is someone who leads by example.

So often people are willing to give advice and sound advice at that, but fail to follow them themselves.
That means the people you are trying to influence and lead on to greater things will get lost on the way.
You have to show them your "tail lights."

That is also a very good thing to have in mind in parenting. For example, you can't expect your children to eat their food in the kitchen if you always eat in front of the TV!

Live easy!
Thora MJ

Toby Jensen

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Sep 21, 2013
Park City, UT
Here are some fun things I've learned from leadership while watching The Game of Thrones

True leadership comes from sharing power. Even though it slows down progress this practice of leadership allows you to stay in power.

I have not read the books and have only watched the series.

Power is complicated.

I also think that is one of the reasons people like the show. Incredible contrasting characters to really watch various forms of leadership being displayed.

There are many things you see in The Game of Thrones leadership that simply makes you want to throw up but it is more important to stay alive and protect those in your kingdom than it is to do what is morally right or helpful. Those are the types of people that rise to power in our own society as well. It is not the skilled, intelligent, or competent people who lead. Leadership is done by those who can take a position of power, by whatever means, and keep it. Might still makes right. But it is good to see that changing even if it is slowly. The top leaders are simply not as powerful as in the past. And we see that decentralization in the Game of Thrones. Those leaders who share are moving ahead. Being fair allows you to be able to get things done.

There are several forces of power in the show. While the ultimate power (the bankers) have not even really been seen. There is the public display of power. Then we see the influences of hidden power of the bankers as well as the spies and the politicians.

Different conditions call for different types of leadership. Running the ice wall is a far cry from the southern cities.

Religious power – believing you are chosen of God. Never underestimate the power of inspirational leadership. Currently on the down turn in our own society now – even Tony Robbins has shifted his delivery away from being inspirational – people want more real, lasting relationships.

How it helps us in our world today. The cause of the little people has been advanced further than anything I have ever seen by the dwarf. Not just in this show but the stand Peter Dinklage has taken in real life to not do any acting jobs that are demeaning to little people. He is simply incredible in his roles. First listed actor on IMDB for The Game of Thrones as well – if that means anything at all about power. It probably doesn’t, just throwing that in for fun. The respect and admiration he elicits from me is outstanding. It is easy to forgive him for his failing to sell me on his performance of being ashamed when his character is ridiculed for being a dwarf. I just don’t buy it. I simply shudder at the amount of moral fortitude he has to maintain to display shame on camera while keeping his own personal honor grounded by knowing there is simply no shame whatsoever in being a little person. I just churn on the inside with him when I see it. It makes me appreciate the nobility of the acting profession beyond what I thought was possible.

The power of HBO. With the decline of the power of record labels and movies as well because of piracy HBO is getting a two-for here. They are making more money from TV (the often seen “lesser than” movie industry) making it even more powerful. Powerful enough to gain serious respect which may even lead to being more powerful than the movies. Something unheard of a decade or so ago.

The power of influence with people after the show is over. People are talking about this show. That is power. The good, the bad, the ugly. And it is because it is being well done. (I often wish The Hunger Games had been a chapter an episode on HBO even though the silver screen still holds its own power.)

I know people who do not watch tv who have tuned in just to watch this show. It may even just be the best show on tv right now. It is true leadership when someone changes their behavior through positive reinforcement rather than the easier manipulation of pain to garner movement. People simply don’t vote with their money out of pleasure nearly as often as out of pain avoidance. To get people to do that is real power.

The Game of Thrones had the power to change writing.

This is the first series I have even seen that production of the show has surpassed the actual written material. George R R Martin is having to finish the books through the TV show before the books themselves will be written and published. When was the last time we saw such an incredible series be able to finish for us before the writer passes? So many good authors that were not able to finish their work. It just takes too long to get good enough at your craft. Robert Jordan or Frank Herbert just to name two.

We really lucked out that Harry Potter was finished.

It is the power of the written word. Writing can hold its own with music, shows, politics, and banks. The moments. That is what matters. Less is more. The influential power of a picture.

The power of real life cultural influence. How varied the power of women are in the series is astonishing. When leadership is wielded well all answer its call – regardless of who is calling. And to see women using power in feminine ways is good. Power is being used through the development of relationships. Viewers are not stupid. We see the appropriate use of power used by some over others.

Lawyers have only barely made a dent in this world. That title really belongs to the bankers. They know to share power. The bankers understand that.

The Game of Thrones seems like a simpler time where decisions are easier because we are aware of the different forces at play. But remember, these characters do not know all that we do. We watch decisions being made and cringe or rejoice based on our additional knowledge. We have the unfair advantage in that arena.

Leadership of the arrogant boy king, seems to have gotten all the bad traits from his father and none of the good ones. Vying for power, like moths to the flame. Drunk with leadership.

Leveraging resources: sex, money, opportunity. They are all at play.

We see two sides of leadership: brute force displayed through war and negotiating displayed through politics.

Absolute power absolutely corrupts.

Power is complex so it ought to be shared to appreciate it fully.