What Are The Biggest Obstacles You Faced On Your Personal Development Journey?

Mr. Yusuf

Oct 4, 2018
Their are so many problems that need to be overcome. As we fix and overcome one problem another just happens to crop up. Our goal of a problem less world just becomes harder and harder to reach the longer we go on this journey.

I think what causes us to get started on the personal development road is a feeling of lack. It that hole in our hearts that finally ignites us and gets us off the coach and start reading online. Yet reading isn't enough because reading by itself is useless. Without action there is nothing. Having said that I say that stagnation is the greatest enemy of personal development.

It is so hard to see coming yet so utterly devastating. The reason you don't see it coming is because by the time you have this problem you have stopped looking into personal development. You become cousy in your ways and than unfortunately your motivation is gone. So instead of become an A student you become a C student. To me their is no greater shame than a mind wasted.

My questions to you are simple, what are the obstacles you faced? Why where they challenging? How do you make sure that you don't lose your motivation? What would be the consequence to you if you stopped trying? What drives you in terms of motivation? What mistakes can you make that will take it away?