Trying to develop the habit of getting up and staying up when the alarmclock goes off.

David eNGSTRoMe

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Feb 11, 2016
Hey !

In the morning, I have a bad habit of going back to bed or staying in bed after turning off the alarmclock. All of this happens automatically, i turn off the alarm and get back to sleep. The other scenario is that i wake up, i walk across the room to turn off the second alarm and then i walk back to bed and fall asleep again.

Now i don't want to start babbling on and on about the cause of this bad habit and all the attempts i've tried before to get up in the morning...

Instead i will go straight to my actionplan !

1 Habit: Rise when the alarm goes off and stay up (Perform the 5min waking up routine).

2 Tiny habit: Put on my glasses.

3 Trigger: Turning off the alarm.

4: Reward: Telling myself ''Awesome job, i rock ! go me ! ''

So all in all...

Cue: Turning off the alarmclock.
Routine: 1:put on glasses, 2:get dressed, 3:stretch out, 4:curtain-heat-nightlight, 5:drink water, 6:toilet, 7:splash face, 8:clear nostrils, 9:let in fresh air.
Reward: Tell myself outloud ''awesome job, i rock, go me ! ''

Now, i have a problem. For two weeks i have been putting on my glasses after i turn off the alarm. But after that i usually go back to sleep and snooze.

I have tried to lower the ''getting dressed'' part into just ''put on the left sock'' but i can't do it. Either my willpower is too low or i just forget to even try it and i go back to sleep.

What do you propose i do ? I've tried to affirm or visualize the routine to myself during the day or just before sleeping in a night but i still lack the willpower or memory to do it when i wake up

Im thinking about starting to use 5 second rule by Mel Robbins, but even with that the challenges are to remember to do it before falling back asleep again :D My brain is in zombie mode when i wake up...

Cheers !
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Mar 5, 2020
Hello David,

Few months ago I was in the same situation than you.
I can advice you to put dressing gown near you bed, it's help you to feel better and no had some excuse like it's cold lol.
It's very important to have the intention before you sleep, that you will getting up when the alarm clock, its can really help you !!
And the night before planified what single thing you will do !!

I hope my advices can help you !
Mar 6, 2020
Hey David and cheers. I've been dealing with this myself for some time and now i wake up at the same time everyday



Mar 9, 2020
This is really great that you are getting up at the same time.

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