Three Apples That Changed The World


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Jun 1, 2011
Many people around the world are mourning the passing of an icon of this generation – the visionary man behind Apple Steve Jobs. As a way of giving tribute to this great man, I am sharing this post (taken from a post of a friend somewhere).

There are Three Apples that changed the world.

1. The one that Eve ate.
2. The one fell onNewton's Head.
3. The one that Steve Jobs built.

Steve Jobs thanks for showing us the possibilities and now that you are gone we are learning so much from your wisdom and life.


Very interesting. All are true. In the case of Jobs, almost every ones' hands hold some technical instrument, that Mr. Jobs had something to do with creating. Even if Apple didn't originate the item, it probably was inspired by something on the Steve Jobs' agenda. He was quite a genius, on the level of Einstein, and other greats. He cannot be replaced, but we should be so happy and thankful, that he stopped for a while, to share his talent and creative genius with us.