These 3 Things Determine Whether You Will Or Will NOT Succeed In Life


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Dec 7, 2018
Napoleon Hill Wrote in his Best Seller book Think And Grow Rich 3 things that determines that you will or will not be successful in anything you want to accomplish in your life.

1. Ability to get along with people - whether you are starting a business, finding your partner for life or you want to be better at your job. If you aren´t able to get along with people, the odds are you aren´t gonna accomplish your goal. Whether your goal is to have a working business, relationship or anything else.

(Here´s an advice for you how to deal with negative people and why shouldn´t always get rid of them.)

2. Not Giving Up - if you don´t give up, you can´t fail, right? If you are working smart on something and you refuse to give up, you will succeed no matter what your goal is.

3. Not Procrastinate - you can´t make a working relationship when you talk to your partner and you are always thinking about your job. You can´t work efficiently, when you are always scrolling on your FB, when you go to check some new videos and next time you notice, 1 hour passed. Simply, when you should work, work. When you should be with your partner, be with him/her. When you should work out, don´t watch your new emails, just work out.

In conclusion,
when you know how to deal and get along with people, you don´t give up immediately when things get tough and you know how to focus and you aren´t procrastinating all the time, you simply have no other option than success.

What would you add to this 3 things?
Dec 26, 2018
All of the above is true, but I think the main thing that determines whether a person succeeds in life is their ability to take action and have focus and clarity while doing so. One of the main reasons why people don't succeed in life is because they lack focus and clarity, and the ability to take action. Where there is no action there is no progression in life, that's with anything. I have a free cheat list for you guys that teaches you how to be more successful in every area of your life.
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