There And Back Again~


Sep 2, 2019
Yes, that is TOTALLY a Hobbit reference, heheh!

*Rides in on white horse, like Gandalf returning after a long absence*

Well-gosh- I posted on here last month...and then disappeared! X D

And to my surprise, I seem to have missed a few private messages while away! (You all are awesome!) I'm gonna try to respond to everybody!

Life has been exciting- I'm currently working on starting a YouTube channel, when I'm not at my jobs, and I've finally settled on a name for said channel:

TabbyTalks ™! (I kinda cheated, since this is the same title I use for my LiveJournal blog!)

Whaddaya think? (^___^)

I've also found some very trustworthy room-mates (Well, I've been friends with em' for a while). My last roommate nearly set an apartment ablaze when she tried to set fire to her ex-boyfriend's pants, although that didn't bother me as much as some other stuff she did!

It's good to be back, and I'm ready to listen, learn, and participate in this little community of peeps~