The Triad of Thought - What Works For You?

Cole Erispe-O'Connor

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Feb 25, 2014
Hi All,

Just a random spark of inspiration hit me and I thought I'd share it with you all! Please openly discuss your beliefs and if you agree or disagree, it's all love lol!

The Triad of thought - which I like to call it, is something I've picked up reading countless of books and hours upon hours of audio tapes. Basically there seems to be an emphasis on Positive vs NegativeThoughts in a lot of the material however there is a hidden message there that seems to be overlooked, so I have packaged it nicely here for you.

Where do these pesky thoughts come from? Why do they seem so prominent in society today? Have you ever just walked down the street to notice that mostly everyone around you has something to complain about? Negative thoughts and self talk are what society seems to be facing as a whole. These thoughts, only seem to promote inaction and establish fear in the mind. Your classic examples of these are:
* "Money is the root of all evil"
* "The grass is greener on the other side"
* "Wealth people are greedy"
Of every negative thought that exists, I can promise you one thing...I have thought them a thousand times over!

Thanks to a lot of material out there, the emphasis on positive thinking is making it's rise. This new way of thought and realisation's that what you think is what you attract! Has a lot of people thinking of their nice little million dollar cheques popping up in the mail (I have :D ) However, there seems to be a major flaw, in positive thinking alone it seems to establish inaction just as much as negative thinking, by believing that it will all be done without any work required.
These thoughts would include:
* "I have a million dollars"
* "I have a healthy body"
* " I am a <insert here>"
Again like before I've tried removing the negativity altogether and have thought every positive thought known to man!

Have you ever heard the saying 'Attitude of Gratitude'? Well isn't being grateful just being positive? Yes and no. Gratitude is where the magic occurs, and it is taught widely. However the key component of gratitude is to be grateful for everything you have. Yes even the tough times...The mind is like a magnet it has two polar opposites negative and positive, one without the other would cause it to collapse. Which is where the problem seems to lay, it's what happened to me as well. Where does your focus lay? Do you tend to be more Positive or Negative? Here's the kicker, no one is either more positive or negative than another. We have every trait good or bad present in us, in one form or another.
These thoughts would include:
* Thank you
* Thank you
* Thank you
In summary, you have it all in you already. If you want to be successful you have it in you to be successful! If you feel like your unworthy the greatest thinkers in the world at some point felt the same way. Whatever you believe express gratitude and you'll experience miracles in your life!

To your success,