The secrets of success and self-realization from geniuses


Apr 28, 2016
Do you want to be successful? Do you want to develop your talents? Do you want to achieve your goals? Do you want to find your own way? The book "FINDING YOURSELF IN THE TOWN OF GENIUSES" will guide you.
You will find yourself in the wonderful world of geniuses. You will enjoy a fascinating journey through different countries and historical eras. You will learn how geniuses solved their problems and achieved their goals. You will learn the secrets of geniuses.
You will meet the Professor from the University of Geniuses and play magic cards with Fate. You will visit the “Change Yourself” shop and the "Square of Complaints About Life." You will discover how the secrets of geniuses can help you in your quest for self-actualization.
Most people are sure that they can do nothing to change their karma. Certainly, failure is much easier to write off as tricks of fortune rather than admit that they did not make enough effort to leap every hurdle and climb every cliff. The great majority of us do not do even one percent of what the geniuses have done to achieve their goals. Still we complain about the inaccessibility of the summits conquered by them.
How geniuses overcame the difficulties that once had shackled them in mental, social or even iron chains? Their wills, propelled by goals and hopes, helped them to spout wings and escape the prisons of tradition, of doubt, of inertia.
Hans Christian Andersen’s father was a shoemaker and his mother was a laundrywoman, however it didn’t prevent him from becoming a world-famous fairytale writer.
Virtuoso violinist and composer Niccolo Paganini was often ill during his lifetime. Blaise Pascal had extremely poor heath even in childhood and he suffered many nervous system problems like palsy and paralysis. Friedrich Nietzsche suffered long-term terrible headaches.
Jack London, George Stephenson, Theodore Dreiser and many other geniuses were born in poor families. They had to work hard from early childhood. They couldn't go to school.
Karl Gustav Jung felt lonely during most of his life because the people around him didn’t understand what he was envisioning.
Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra spent several years of his life in prison on the unproven charge of embezzlement…
Create your own universal intellect. Use special genius cards for sharpening your intuition. Develop your scientific thinking and humanitarian inclinations. Find your creative potential.
Finally, you will find that you can be a genius too! Read and become successful and motivated!