The Reason They Are Treating You That Way

J E Roberson

Senior Advisor
Jun 9, 2014
Colorado USA
Hello my friends! I wanted to touch on a topic and start the conversation around the fading paradigm of spiritual codependency. Spiritual codependency is when we use the journey of others to judge where we are on our personal path just because of an encounter. Although others are a good source of education for our path, our personal growth is not tied to other humans. Encountering negative people doesn't mean we are holding negative energy.

At some point you may have taken ownership for the actions of others. For example you come across a person who lets the door close in your face as you walk in the store a few steps behind them and think you attracted that from being negative in thought. Or you get cut off in traffic and say, "wow I must be on a low vibration level this morning."

I'd like to make the case for your attraction of unhappy or just flat out mean humans as a sign of nothing…. but life or possibly a sign of spiritual growth and not a low vibration. We can be treated horrible by strangers, friends and even family members.

Why do people treat others so badly? As we start to heal ourselves you can't help but notice the plight of others around you and it becomes no secret a vast majority of people are dealing daily with internal suffering.

As you encounter the pain of others that manifest in the way they treat themselves and the people around them, a mindful watch of these encounters will prove people spend a lot of time showing others the pain they have faced in their life and couldn't find the light or love to get through.

The person yelling, ridiculing, judging and acting out any of many low vibrational behaviors is showing you what they have experienced in their life previously as a cry for help and love. Its amazing how compliments, love and not taking their behavior personal can transform the encounter.

As you become a brighter and brighter light in this world you may find yourself attracting those seeking your love and attention. Will you rise to the call which requires kindness?

Despite all the quotes, philosophy, meditation talk and abundance tips we provide as people in the personal development industry it is still true our growth can only be measured by how we treat other humans.

So 3 points To sum up and close.

1. Your life may produce encounters that aren't ideal. This is not an indicator of where you stand in your journey, but an opportunity to find out where you stand.
Using others to gauge your path is spiritual codependency and will leave you disappointed and stagnant on your path.
2. People who act out in negative ways are showing you the pain the have unsuccessfully dealt with previously. This is a cry for help.

3. The only help they need is nonjudgmental positive emotion aimed at their heart. This is completed by meeting all opposition of positive high flying energy with compliments and joy.

It is also key not to us how negative people take positive energy as a personal gauge, its obvious they may not accept it well from their low vantage point which again isn't your concern, your job is to be the light that transforms experience.

-To being the hero of our Journey-