The Power of Affirmations


Sep 9, 2015
You're awesome! But you don't need me to tell you that, you need to be telling

yourself that.

Developing a positive mindset is one of the powerful and transformative habits that

you can incorporate into your lifestyle. It is an essential element to your overall

health and well-being, one that will transform your life and fill you with new joy,

energy and passion.

Moreover, developing a positive mindset is also a critical ingredient to your

life success and your ability to manifest like magic.

Professionals, athletes and business people all use a variety of powerful positive

thinking techniques to help them achieve their goals. The mind is a powerful thing

that, when used positively, can help you achieve whatever you want.

Affirmations are one positive thinking technique we’ll focus on in this chapter that

will help you to build a more positive mindset.

Affirmations are simply positive statements that describe a desired situation. “I’m

awesome!” is an example. It’s a positive statement that describes your desire to be

awesome and have an awesome life.

Affirmations are generally repeated several times in order to activate the

subconscious into action. Like many learning moralities, repetition is key to

reinforcing the learning and embedding of the new thought into your mind.

The challenge for most people is that they often repeat negative words

or statements concerning a particular situation or event in their lives and,

consequently, by magnetic power of the Law of Attraction, create an undesirable


Think of a time when you’ve said to yourself, “I can’t do it”.

Maybe you’ve said, “I can’t speak in front of a group”. And perhaps on top of this

statement you’ve added a few supporting arguments such as, “Who would want to

hear what I have to say?” or “Jill is a much better speaker than I am” or “I’ve never

spoken in front of more than 3 people before”.

You may dearly wish to become a better speaker and be able to speak in front of

larger groups.

But if you continue to tell yourself that you can’t speak in front of a group in addition

to all the reasons why you can’t, the chances are not likely that you will even take

the first step.

At least not until you start telling yourself that you can speak in front of a group as

well as all the reasons why you’d be a great speaker.

Feel the difference in saying statements such as, “I can speak in front of a group”,

“I have a message to share that many people are interested in” or “I have all the

skills that I need to become a great speaker”.

Whichever words and the statements that you choose to tell yourself work to create

or destroy your dreams. Most often we’re not even fully aware of the words and

statements that we’re choosing to repeat in our minds or the impact they’re having

on what we wish to create.

Unfortunately, your subconscious mind accepts as true whatever you keep saying

to yourself. Subsequently you will eventually attract corresponding events, people

and situations into your life that reflect whatever “truths” your subconscious has


For instance, “I can’t speak in front of a group” or “I’m not good enough” will lead to

situations that support those statements. You may not be selected to speak at the

next company meeting or you may experience intense stress and anxiety when you

do speak.

Or consider Kathy’s case – she was telling herself, “I don’t really want this job

anymore, I’m ready for a new challenge” and within a short period of time, her wish

came true. She handed in her resignation and got offered a new job within days

that gave her the challenge she needed.

=You could liken your subconscious to a bed of soil that will accept any kind of seed,

whether good or bad. Your subconscious is easily influenced by the thoughts and

mental focus of your conscious mind, reacting to and following its instruction and

guidance. What your conscious, rational mind thinks, your subconscious accepts.

While you are certainly aware of the activity in your conscious mind, your

subconscious is incredibly powerful and makes up a large percentage of your

mental activity, even if you’re not aware of it.

The use of positive affirmations works to re-program your mind because:

●● Affirmations keep your mind focused on a goal while simultaneously

influencing and activating the power of your unconscious mind.

●● They are positive statements which will transform you from the inside

out, helping to change the way that you think and act.

●● Affirmations make you feel more positive and energized. They help to

raise your vibration and reflect your true nature, thus helping you to

achieve your goals and dreams.

How can you learn to use positive affirmations to your advantage?

Repetition of your affirmations help focus your mind on your goal, which then

automatically creates a corresponding thought or image in your mind.

In turn, the affirmation affects the subconscious mind as it accepts the thought or

image as just another “seed” in its soil which it will continue to nurture and grow

until a new thought or image is “living” in the soil.

By using the process of positive affirmations consciously and intently, you can

literally transform your habits, your behaviours and your attitude and have a

dramatic effect on the results that you see in your life.

Athletes, for instance, are well-versed in the use of affirmations to help them

achieve their goals. The famous golfer Tiger Woods is a great example of an

athlete who’s learned to harness the power of his mind to launch himself to

phenomenal success.

Woods learned the secret of success from his father when he was very young– if

you wish to be successful, keep your mind in peak condition.

From a young age, Woods listened to a subliminal tape of affirmations every day

which helped keep his mind in focused alignment with his goals and free of any

negative thinking which could have derailed his success.

Woods also posted affirmations to his bedroom wall, so that he was consciously

and unconsciously receiving positive messages all day. “My power is great”. “I smile

at obstacles”. “I focus and give it my all”.

Before long, these statements became firmly embedded beliefs in his

subconscious, eventually leading him to top of the world of golf.

How do you use affirmations? Let me give you a few simple rules to remember

when using affirmations:

●● Always state your affirmations in the positive and focus on what you

wish to have happen.

●● Be specific. If your desire is to lose weight, do not make an affirmation

such as “I’m not fat” or “I’m losing weight”.

●● Such statements actually focus on the words “fat” and “weight” and

will bring images to your mind of what you don’t want. Instead say,

“I’m getting slim” or “I love eating healthy foods” which will create more

positive images in your mind.

●● Affirm in the present tense, not the future tense. Saying, “I will be

wealthy” is telling your mind that you intend to be rich one day, in the

indefinite future, but not now.

●● To say and also feel, “I am wealthy now”, will cause your subconscious mind to work at making your goal happen now, in the present.

●● Make your affirmations short and simple. A short phrase or one

sentence will do. Your affirmation should be like a mantra that you can

repeat over and over again without even giving it a thought.

●● Repeat your affirmations daily and regularly. You can repeat your

affirmations every time your mind is not engaged in something

important, while waiting in line or sitting on the bus, for example. You

can also schedule short 5 – 10 sessions each day during which you

repeat your affirmations.

●● Don’t force it, just say it. Relax any physical, emotional or mental tension

while affirming. The stronger your concentration and the more feeling

you put into your affirmations, the more effective and faster your results

will be.

Seeing results from your efforts depends on a number of factors such as the

amount of time, focus, faith and energy your invest in repeating your affirmations.

The strength of your desire and the size of your goal can be factors as well.

Sometimes results happen quickly but generally some time and practice is required.

When you first begin using affirmations, focus on the positive feelings you generate

when you repeat them. Soon you’ll notice a positive shift in your energy and begin

to see results unfold as your use of affirmations helps you tune into You and your

true desires.

Below are a few sample affirmations to help get you started on creating some

affirmations of your own, in these and other areas of your life:

Affirmations for Health

●● I feel energetic and full of life.

●● I nurture my mind, body and soul in loving ways.

●● My body is strong and healthy.

Affirmations for Abundance

●● My life is filled with abundance in so many ways.

●● The more grateful I am, the more reasons I find to be grateful.

●● I am deserving of all the abundance that flows in my life.

Affirmations for Love

●● I celebrate and welcome love into my life every day.

●● I enjoy giving love to others.

●● I love so many things about my life.

Affirmations for Romance

●● I have a wonderful partner and soulmate.

●● I attract only healthy relationships.

●● I am sexy, attractive and intelligent and deserving of a loving


Affirmations for Weight Loss

●● I am my ideal weight.

●● I choose to make healthy food choices.

●● I enjoy exercising regularly

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Sep 9, 2015
Decide on the ONE thing that you want to manifest most in your life

right now.

If you’d prefer saying your affirmations aloud rather than listening

to a MindTrack, this method will still be extremely effective for embedding these

empowering new thoughts into your mind.

Write out your own affirmation which relates to the ONE thing that you most want to

manifest into your life right now.

This affirmation can be anywhere from 1-4 sentences long, as long as each

sentence is highly related to your chosen goal.

When writing your affirmation, use the guidelines in this chapter to help you. For

instance, make sure that your affirmations are short, simple and are stated in the


Repeat your affirmation out loud to yourself for 5 minutes every day, for at least 60

days (90 is optimal).

As above, it is best to repeat your affirmation to yourself at the same time each day,

to help you get into a routine.

Over time, these affirmations will become ingrained in your mind, naturally resulting

in thoughts and choices more in tune with your destiny.

So once you have repeated your affirmations for 60-90 days, simply relax and let

your unconscious mind work its magic!


Oct 5, 2015
Affirmations are a fantastic way to raise your level of vibration, and you can simply say them to yourself mentally throughout the day. One thing to bear in mid though is that you have to believe what you're affirming is possible. Any slight negative thoughts creeping into your mind could sabotage all your efforts.


Coaching Member
Aug 25, 2015
Affirmations are an essential part of our individual make up as what we talk about we multiply! Too often in society we are subjected to the opinions and voices of general society we get dictated to on how how we should feel, think, behave and live.

Affirmations are the best resource we can use to overcome external influences and create a direct focus and direction towards the life we want to live!

Talk to yourself and tell yourself how awesome you are many times throughout the day and the energy and confidence that gets built up and becomes a part of our character which no one can erode!


Jul 31, 2018
Here are some affirmations I've learned from Raja Yoga.

Depolarizing yourself*mental and emotional balancement):

"I" am a Centre. Around me revolves my world. "I" am a Centre of Influence and Power.

"I" am a Centre of Thought and Consciousness. "I" am Independent of the Body.

Control Over Your Mind:

"I" am an entity—my mind is my instrument of expression.

"I" exist independent of my mind, and am not dependent upon it for existence or being.

"I" am Master of my mind, not its slave.


New Member
Jul 17, 2020
Yep, every time I look for something interesting like this and when I come to it I really feel loved. Affirmations give you a kind of positive feeling and surround your thoughts with positivity. This in return turns your actions to be peaceful rather than neglecting or rude.


Jul 16, 2020
New Zealand
Positive affirmations on their own never really worked for me. Years ago I had such a negative mindset that no amount of affirmations helped, perhaps because I couldn't believe my own affirmations because my own negative mindset wouldn't let me. It's kind of a situation when logically I realised that positive affirmations were good, but my own negative emotions wouldn't let affirmations work for me.

The only thing that really worked for me was to pick up my negative thoughts one by one, every day, and stop associating myself with them. Then to change my emotional reactions (and actions in life). I'd like to say that the negative thoughts immediately disappeared and I was able to replace them with positive thoughts, but that wasn't the case. It was very much of a conscious effort to park aside the negative thoughts until they weakened and became much quieter. And then and only then the positive thoughts could slowly become more vocal in my head :)