The Magic Of Thinking Big

Samuel Rosario

Coaching Member
May 6, 2016
Hello my friends

Recently I finished reading the book The Magic of Thinking Big, By David J. Schwartz.

This book is really life-changing, it's so eye-opening!. It teaches you that you must see yourself not as the way you are right now, but as the way you'll be in the future.

The book tells you that no matter what, you have to keep activated what David J. calls the '' Positive Channel'' in your mind.

The whole material encourages you to ''deposit only positive thoughts in your memory bank''.

Another very important concept was the habit of curing yourself of excusitis, the failure disease.

All this means that you have to stop blaming the goverment, the weather, the economy, your health, age or size for your lack of success, you are the root of your success.

This book is amazing. I highly recommend it!

Samuel Rosario