The Law of Attraction and Love, Manifesting the Love of Your Life


May 19, 2016
South Africa
The two biggest driving forces for people getting into The Law of Attraction is either to make more money or to find their soulmates. After doing some looking around I saw that there are lot of people who are trying to manifest love or love with a specific person. So how does The Law of Attraction and love work? Let’s look at the various teachings around manifesting love.

Be grateful for the love you already have
The main trick to this is not by focusing on the other person. It’s all comes from within you. As you know, your vibration attracts everything that is around you. So if you are vibrating at a low frequency you will attract a person who is vibrating at the same low frequency. So in essence you will need to raise your vibration in order to attract the kind of person you want in your life. So how do you raise your vibration? Basically you will need to be in a state that is happy and joyful. For me, the easiest way to get into this state is to be grateful for what you have. Start by looking at the current relationships you have with family and friends. Spend time thinking and feeling how happy you are that you love them so much and how they love you. The funny thing about all of this is, the moment you start loving yourself and start enjoying being single…boom someone will walk into your life. It happened to me!

My success story
My story of manifesting love is not much different to others but the main thing I started doing was showing up as if I was already in a loving committed relationship, which I will explain more on next. Mainly this was me changing my thoughts to, I am so grateful I have the perfect partner and being happy that I had everything I wanted in my relationship. Soon the thoughts become default when I thought about love and once I had completely detached myself from needing a partner, being happy in my own skin and content with life the way it was, lo and behold I met the man of my dreams. However…he immigrated to another country…so guess I still need to work on that one lol but who knows maybe our relationship will survive and I am happy with that as I know that everything ALWAYS works out for the best for me. Being grateful for love in your life is a great way to start, look for the things that bring love and be grateful that you have them.

You have to have it before you have it
So the technique of acting as if you are already in a loving committed relationship is a very powerful one, I have seen many success stories on this. The basics of this technique are, how would you act if you were already in that relationship you so badly want? As you keep asking yourself that question and going about your days as if you already have what you are after, you start to question all your thought processes. An example would be looking at a loving couple and instead of getting upset that you don’t have that, you would think something like, I am so grateful I have the same love if not better. Visualization is key with this technique as you would need to visualize often being with the person and feeling the feelings you would have. Let go of jealousy, let go of need as these feelings are low energy and will only hurt the process. Sleep on one side of your bed, make sure your home mirrors how it would be if there was someone special sharing it with you. I even heard of a girl making her love a cup of coffee every morning. It sounds crazy but the more you are in the state of believing and having no resistance (doubt) the faster it will be delivered to you.

Loving yourself is the greatest love you will know
I have also noticed how there are so many people trying to manifest a specific person. This always worries me as when I read the stories, almost all of them are being mistreated by these specific people. And one thing I know for sure, is that you cannot manifest pure love without pure love for yourself. When you love yourself wholly, you would never let anyone treat you badly as you will realize your self-worth. Which brings me to the next technique which is not really a technique but super important when looking for a soulmate. Instead of focusing your energy on that person, focus the energy on going within and falling in love yourself. This means, no negative self-talk, acceptance of what you see in the mirror and being content with who you are, after all there is only one you in the entire world so embrace it! Once you start to fall in love with yourself, more and more people will too. You will be confident (most attractive thing for a guy or girl) you will glow and won’t allow anyone to treat you badly. Happiness is also a huge attractor for the opposite sex, so if you focus on being happy, people will be naturally drawn to you. The other factor with this, is, you will never and I mean NEVER have the kind of love you want if you do not love yourself completely, unconditionally and without exception. How can you expect someone to love you if you can’t love yourself? What is there for them to love then?

Learning to love myself has been one of the most incredible journeys I have been on. True acceptance of oneself is the most beautiful thing you can experience and I urge you to work on falling in love with yourself. The things that just fall into place once you have accomplished this, are nothing short of amazing.