The Best Way To Attain Spirituality & Mindfulness

Sep 21, 2018
I call this the "Law of Life"

"I can do whatever I want, as long as I don't harm Anything or Anyone, especially Myself!
And whenever I can, I will HELP those in NEED because it is the HUMAN thing to do!"

The first part is Total RESPECT for the entire universe! The second part is all about Love & Care for everything and everyone!

"Anything" is everything around us. This includes every animal and living creatures, plants, flowers, rocks, buildings, papers and all things on earth. Total Respect for all of Nature!

"Anyone" is everyone! Respect every human being on earth!

Most of all, have the ultimate respect for oneself, Myself, Yourself - Ourselves!

For me this two sentences, this one simple law has complete and utmost RESPECT for ALL LIFE forms, and everything on EARTH.

Imagine what the world would be like if we all behave in this manner. What would you see? What can you visualize? How would the world look to you?

This will be very important through your journey of self discovery and self awareness. The “Law of Life” will ensure that what you do each day, from this point on, does not intentionally or inadvertently interfere with or harm others, even you and your surroundings.

I believe this is The Best Way To Attain Spirituality & Mindfulness! And the best way to self-awareness and closer to what ever higher entity you believe in.

What do you think???
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