That Time I healed My relationship with My Business & Money

J E Roberson

Senior Advisor
Jun 9, 2014
Colorado USA
Hello my friends, I wanted to tell a personal story of how after years of failure I instantly started to get results from a slight tweak in my mentality. If you have questions my contact is at the bottom of the.

First off when I say instantly I basically felt a shift inside in one moment and I knew at that moment something had happen, I'll get back to this.

It is January 2015 in which I had been life coaching and consulting for about 4 years. So honestly maybe it wasn't instant results ... It’s hard to say when we try to keep track of our efforts and the reaping from those efforts. Maybe it took years to get results who cares I made a change and with the grace of awareness witnessed results from that change and that’s what I'm going with.

At the time (January) I was charging around $2,500 per client because I wasn’t getting many, 3 at most on good months.

What where you doing for that 3? Just because I would ask this question at this point myself I will go ahead and say I was marketing on linkendin, facebook, classifieds, forums, Noomi, and pounding the local pavement. You can ask me for tips on any of those marketing methods.

I actually lowered my price for some after the first doubling of clients month to keep things going. I did at the time pounder maybe it was fear of the flow ending as to my motive for actually taking money from my business, however my God given quota is to empower 250 million people so I do what ever it takes to help more people.

Okay, so In January 2015 I was starting to realize action wasn't enough, I was taking action and not getting desired consistent results. If you read my other post you see I often don’t tell people to take more action and do get offended when others talk about the masses being lazy as the main problem to not getting results. The people I knew and know do work hard and most don’t get desired results. I always speak to and for those people.

Moving on…So I have had many breakthroughs to where I was like wow this book, movie, experience what ever has changed the way I see the world but then another paradigm shift comes along later. This time was different!

Through a long series of synchronicities I won’t go into, I realized 2 key secrets. Well secret to me, but I can a be late on the obvious sometimes.
The 2 secrets
I wasn’t getting the results I desired and for the first time that contrast lead to the other side of the coin. I needed to improve my business results became my only thought. I usually focused on the problem and try to fix it. That doesn’t work.

That’s the first secret I used contrast to gain clarity. Thus making contrast and un-ideal circumstances a powerful tool for my change. In life every subject or experience it is like a two-sided coin of the same thing, almost a fork in the road where we can decide the direction to go down toward the solution or toward fixing the problem. THESE RESPECTIVE PATHS ARE NOT THE SAME.

I also realized I had capped out my personal deveoplment practice and study. Leading up to that point I had read a minimum 60 books a year for over a few years. I had meditated daily for 9 years. Natural and with binaural meditations. AT that moment of clarity, that shift I realized and belive this is true for you reading this.

You are more than enough, more than sufficient RIGHT NOW to live your dream life.

So instead of looking to be a better me which was the trap of always finding something to work on, I needed something in my life to help during the day of action.

Feeling good while we read and meditate is cool but what about life, real life and our human interactions daily. What about my draining and not ideal relationships with people and money? What can I do when I leave the sanctuary of home where its all peaceful and tranquil into the rough world??? I didn't need systems. I needed to integrate all the spiritual told i could only talk about and concetptulize, secret 2.

This lead me to what I now do personally and coach called integration. Steps, tips and tactics to use on the playing field of life to get results and heal our internal pain and mental struggles while making all action taken more powerful and attractive to results.

So this is what I did to get the increase of clients and money. At the time it was a little fluffy I just followed the path that lit up. Since, I have honed and labeled it to be able to share and duplicate my results in others.

I call it C.A.P. Clearing, aligning, prospering.

Clearing is forgetting all the junk I had gained from massive personal development gorging. Starting with a clean slate and adding thoughts versus holding on to what I thought was “I” and deleting unwanted habits and thoughts.

Aligning was making sure the action I was taking had the most spiritual power possible to attract its desired outcome.

Prospering was letting the actions stand-alone and not hindering their release into the world, just waiting in faith.
What happen to my life in all aspect was nothing, I say nothing short of amazing.The best part was getting more calls, contacts and clients from random sources not even tied to my marketing efforts. Plus the midas touch feeling that embodied me felt great.

A common response I get is CAP sounds hard? I always say your ideal life is worth it and also walking was hard but once you learn you never have to really focus on it again right,? I believe C.A.P is our easy and natural state, the state of alignment with our source. We owe it to ourself to learn it once and live it forever.

Look, I respect all teachings and those who step away from the crowd to help others. We are all family in a bigger cause, however I want to close with two points. I personally love being able to help people with their own path and not having to say this specific opportunity that I have will make you money. I think you can be successful doing what you are doing right now with the right tools, CAP. Or use the CAP tools to find your passion.

Lastly, although there are numerous ways to approach life, I believe in this day and age we must clarify the line between what is studying i.e reading, practicing i.e meditation and the actually tools we can utilize moment to moment all day everyday, integration.

P.S :) If you resonate with my path or just want results in your life either business or as far as your relationship with your higher source, I with no doubt and whole heatedly know I can point you in the right direction. I can’t make you walk that way though lol.

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