Super Important To Stay Active for your Blood Circulation!


Sep 21, 2018
When I say "Stay Active" I mean doing activities to increase and to have a good blood circulation.

There are 2 main Health reasons why you need to have a good blood circulation.

#1. The blood is the one thing that flows throughout your entire body. When you eat and the food is digested, the blood is used to carry all the nutrients to all your cells to maintain a healthy functioning body.

#2. Most people don't realize this second major function which is just as vital to the health of your being. Just like in our house and in our environment, it is important to dispose properly of all the garbage and waste around us. We all know the problems created by the pollution in the world. Imagine having that same problem inside our body. I'm sure you can now see the picture of how unhealthy we would be.

So the 2nd major function of our blood circulation is Collecting and Disposing of the waste in all of us. When food is digested, particles are separated from the nutrients and become wastes and/or toxic, which we then discharge into the toilet.

But the major waste created in our body is when the trillions of cells regenerate. In the regeneration process and as new cells are created, old cells die and become waste.

It is then the blood's duty and responsibility to circulate throughout our entire body to collect all these dead cells and dispose of them. That is why this function is just as important as the distribution of nutrients throughout all the cells.

And the best way to ensure you have a good blood circulation is to maintain an active lifestyle. Running, jogging, walking, swimming, aerobics, bike riding, hiking and any activity which increases your heart rate, therefore increasing your blood circulation. Of course, make sure you only do the activities that your body can handle. You may need to see your doctor first before you do any serious physical activities. Your doctor may even recommend a regimen specifically just for you based on your current health condition.

So make sure you go and exercise and stay active to help maintain a good blood circulation.

But remember, Physical health is just one part of many important parts of a healthy person. Don't forget to also exercise your mind so you have a healthy attitude and a healthy spirit, and a total healthy well being.

I hope this helps you to maintain a good health :)
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