Strong-Arming Your Co-Creators

Sep 13, 2019
Nothing deep…….Just a few thoughts for grins and giggles…….

I'm going to tell you a little story of a time I was experimenting with attracting money. This was when I was beta-testing theories to see which ones work best and/or how they can stack on top of other theories. In this experiment, I learned a completely different, unexpected lesson. The lesson was about being good towards my co-creators, and not a power-vampire.

In this experiment, I used a simple method of deliberate-attraction which is to be aware of a few critical factors of what I'm looking for, then go out and find them. I like to think of this style of attracting like operating a radio. All the frequencies are there; you only need to tune into the frequency you desire to hear. By doing this, you are becoming opportunistic towards that which you seek by flipping through the stations to find a song you like. When your deliberate attraction is executed like this (where you know it's out there for you, and then you look for it), you are doing the same thing.

I will give a quick example that you can probably relate to of what it's like to be opportunistic. This example is to give dimension to my story. Once upon a time, the stand that held my small TV broke. It was a stand that allowed me to set the TV on a surface. Fortunately, the TV had brackets on the back of the TV to mount it on a wall. However, I wanted to set it on a shelf. I didn't want to mount it on the wall. The brackets gave me the option to create a new stand for the TV because I could mount the back of the TV on something that could sit on a surface. Suddenly, I looked for the mounting potential in everything I saw, and whether or not I can set it on a flat surface. Eventually, I found something that would work after observing the TV-stand potential of everything in my home and in the hardware store.

This is what it will be like for you during the times you will be in “seek and find” mode. Everything and everyone has a potential of some kind. You are looking to see who and what will fit your purpose.

There is a saying that states if you put one-thousand people in front of the same picture you're going to get one-thousand different stories. Every one of those people is looking at the same picture, but they're all coming from a different world, and they are all looking for different things, if at all. Remember, you can only acknowledge what you know and what you believe to be true. In our lifetime, we will miss a lot of opportunities that most of the time are right in front of us.

That being said, I wondered if I could find the money that might have been in front of me all this time. The money I failed to see because I wasn't looking for it, or didn't recognize it was there.

I decided to put my theory to the test and look for money. I started to look and expect. For example, if I went somewhere, I would see if I can find money that was dropped. It was an amazing success. I would find dollar bills stuck in bushes and coins almost everywhere I went. I even found a ten-dollar bill at the bottom of a puddle, outside a supermarket. Every day I would laugh throughout the day because I kept bumping into money, either on the ground or blowing somewhere through the air.

In the two weeks of my doing this experiment, I think I found about fifty-five dollars when my small streak of luck took a turn for the worse. Many little things started to break or would end up missing. I found myself having to spend money on many little nuances that, in the end, totaled somewhere in the ballpark of three-hundred dollars. Eventually, everything settled back to normal again. I was intrigued by what happened as it came across as instant karma. In the first two weeks, I was willing money into my life, and in the second two weeks, it was taken away from me. From beginning to end lasted a few days short of a month.

I will now explain what I did that resulted in a negative backlash. I manifested money that someone would have had to have dropped. Therefore, if someone is focused on their lack of abundance (where they unknowingly repel abundance), they will most likely lose some money if I will be crossing their path at a future date. My energy helped force those beliefs into reality by proving their lack of abundant beliefs can come true for them as they drop money they could have used for themselves. I focused on finding lost money, and another person was focused on their lack of financial abundance before our paths crossed. This, in turn, made them drop their money on the path I was destined to cross that day. In essence, I was an energy-vampire who was willing money away from less-fortunate people.

I received instant karma because my abundance relied on a co-creator’s hardship, and to some degree, I knew it. Sure, a few dollars isn’t going to make or break anyone. However, what made it a negative move on my behalf was I intentionally set forth to be at the receiving end of a win-lose interaction. If I were fully aware of the totality of what I was doing before I began and still moved forward with the plan to find money, then I would have been a bit slimy with my intentions. If money is transferred to me voluntarily, I would be in the clear. An example would be if I provided a service where it would be normal for me to receive a gratuity. Therefore, remember to keep your intentions pure. At least then, if you are doing something harmful, you will only receive a small slap on the wrist to help aim you in the right direction.

One more thing for those who may be slightly confused. You still cannot create in another person's reality without their consent. In the last case scenario, I had the consent of every person who dropped their money. Their belief in their lacking abundance was their consent. Their belief in their not having enough would have caused them to lose money or spend it foolishly regardless of whether I stepped into the picture or not. However, I still received repercussions because an adverse incident was required for me to benefit the way I did. Although not on a massive level, some form of hardship had to take place for me to make extra money. Also, at the time, I'm sure I crossed the paths of thousands of people every day, yet only found the losses of a few people on a daily basis. Therefore, I (or anyone) cannot strong-arm a person out of anything unless they already gave consent to lose what I set forth to obtain.

~Nicholas D’Arezzo~