Spiritual Inspiration


May 15, 2014
While gazing up
Some may be impressed by your standing
Seeing vivid violet or a rainbow of all colors
From where others perch atop the next ridge
Eagles, hawks, falcons and even roosting vultures
They see sunlight playing upon shiny black feathers
Keen eyes watch a rook and her gathering of crows
Your cawing clearly carried by a gentle breeze

Atop your mountain
Aspiring to be yet another undisputed despot
Silver tongue long split by sharply defending lies
Even little warblers and wrens give you no respect
Having been so ordered to alter their spring songs
Just as the cardinals, finches, kinglets and sparrows
And you expect them to caw like you and your crows
While citing a dove's peace and the wisdom of owls

Not easily fooled
The accipiters, buetos and even harriers
Will never scream, screech or cry out your glories
Hardly any spiritual inspiration from a rook's beak
So send out those cawing black winged emissaries
And wait for bloody black down to return on the wind
Along with three fleet, sharp talon coopers hawks
Keen beaked birds of prey hunting on the wing