Sourav Ganguly Quotes To Become A Leader Like Him


Jul 20, 2020
Saurabh Ganguly is a name that showed the Indian cricket team the right path at a time when Indian cricket was going to disintegrate. He gave a new twist to Indian cricket with the art of his captaincy. He had good leadership qualities. He knew very well which player is talented and What can he do and how to use it properly. He was also called “Dada” in the Indian cricket team. In this article, we will read about Saurabh Ganguly quotes which will teach us how to become a good leader, and how to give success to our team.
Sourav Ganguly Quotes
  1. “Obviously captaincy is a long process. It takes its toll as time goes on.” – Sourav Ganguly
  2. “Any captain will take some time to settle down. Nobody is an outstanding leader straightaway.” – Sourav Ganguly
  3. “When you captain you get involved in a lot of things. You’re trying to get the best out of players and subconsciously, without knowing, it gets to you.” – Sourav Ganguly
  4. “A captain sees you differently from the way you see yourself. You need a captain who can push you.” – Sourav Ganguly
  5. “My captaincy model was characterized by two distinctive pillars. Proper identification of talent and then ensuring the young find play fearless cricket.” – Sourav Ganguly
  6. “Books or team meetings don’t make you good captains.” – Sourav Ganguly
  7. “I don’t believe in rankings. Sometimes the rankings surprise me. I don’t think it’s fair to judge a team on the basis of ranking.” – Sourav Ganguly
  8. “IPL is a pure sport. The glitz and glamour is just 15%. 85% is actually professional, hard cricket.” – Sourav Ganguly
  9. “A good opening stand is always crucial for a team.” – Sourav Ganguly
  10. “The moment a spinner gets turn he becomes dangerous.” – Sourav Ganguly
  11. “Twenty20 is a must for cricket. Without T20, cricket cannot survive.” – Sourav Ganguly
  12. “Technique is essential in all formats of the game.” – Sourav Ganguly
  13. “A life of a sportsperson is approximately 14-15 years long and fatigue will be a part of it, but they have to manage that.” – Sourav Ganguly
  14. “If you are considered as favorites, you have to stand up and delivered. You can’t make too many mistakes. You have to be the best.” – Sourav Ganguly
  15. “As much as you learn to handle failure, you must learn to handle success too, because that’s also important.” – Sourav Ganguly
  16. “I live in the present and do not look that far ahead.” – Sourav Ganguly
  17. In life when you get tested, when you get rejected by everyone and when you get pushed aside, you actually get the best out of it. That has been a learning curve for me.” – Sourav Ganguly
  18. “There’s one must in life: whatever job you do, wherever you are, whatever age you have, how much experience you have, you have to keep performing at the top level otherwise someone else will take your place.” – Sourav Ganguly

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