Slow and warm

Derrick LaFrenier

Coaching Member
Sep 9, 2014
Boston Ma
slow and warm,
as basic as the rising sun,
slow and warm,
the realization it will soon be,
slow and warm,
the morning started off dark
the chill of the crisp air found its way to my bones.

Slow and warm. not knowing if I would be, I continued to fight.
my heart continued to beat slow and warm.

Determined I searched for the ability to reheat, slow and warm
a blessing was given a wish was granted she look upon me
with words of love, the kindest soul whispered unto me close your eyes
and with patience you will soon be.

These words I did not understand and with this I closed them.
inside my own cave dark cold alone. the walls are black ice the floor shards of glass
hold still in fear and search for the way out.
As the stillness became motion as the shards of glass became daisies
so to did the walls become the sunrise and slowly it became warm.