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Jun 2, 2016
Exercises For Short Term Memory: Keep Your Brain In Shape
You know that you should exercise to keep your body fit, but did you know that you should also do some exercises for your brain to keep your brain fit? Your brain is like a muscle and it must be worked out every so often so that you can stay as sharp as possible. One of the ways you can work your brain is to do some exercises for short term memory. Short-term memory is what we use to hold onto information for just a short time. Some examples of information we use short-term memory for include phone numbers, addresses, names of people we just meet once, and so on. Short term memory is so called because once we have it we lose it. This keeps our minds open to absorb more information so that it’s not all jumbled with useless garbage. By doing exercises for short-term memory, however, we can increase the amount of information we can hold in our short-term memories and we can even increase the time in which it remains there.

The Peek A Boo Picture Game
A great exercise for short term memory is a game where you look a picture. This can be any picture. It can be one you select from a magazine, it can be one of you and your family at your family reunion, it can be anything at all. Look at the picture for a few moments and then cover it up. Using a pen and paper, try to write down every detail you can about that picture. Then, look at the picture again. Did you get everything right? Did you get some details wrong? By doing this over and over, you will work your short term memory and this will increase your capacity for holding information. This is a fun exercise for short-term memory and it’s one the entire family can play.

Audio Exercises
Just like the picture game, you can use audio clips to help exercise your short term memory. You can use anything at all. You can use a top ten countdown on the radio, you can use talk radio, anything at all. However, make sure you can rewind whatever you’re using so that you can go back and check your work. Try to remember all the details you can by writing them down after the clip is over. Then, rewind and see how many details you got right. By practicing over and over, you will increase your short term memory power and this will increase your ability to remember things you hear.

These are just a couple of examples of how to exercise your short term memory. These can be practiced anywhere, anytime and the more you practice, the better your short term memory will be. That’s great news for anyone who hears something and it goes in one ear and out the other. By doing exercises for short term memory, hopefully, you’ll be able to hold onto that information a little longer.
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Jan 30, 2017
Nice! I've been thinking on working on memory exercises to improve my retention. I've up my reading this new year but I found myself not being able to retain as much with so many books and concepts one after the other.

I'll give this a try and see how it works this quarter. Thanks! :)