Short Guide to Merging Mental Entities for Quantum Shifts.

J E Roberson

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Jun 9, 2014
Colorado USA
Depending on your personal spiritual path you may want to face your multiple inner voices & personalities in order to know thy self and transcend into higher levels of consciences.

This short read is for you if, you recognize you have a voice in your mind that doesn’t always come to a consensus with you, meaning there is a slight tug of war on certain topics and possibly alternative opinions on what actions to take or how to treat others based on how they acted. If you are having trouble aligning with your inner self and commonly feeling fractured. If your inner voices often say things to motivate you that are not always loving like “get your fat ass in gear”. If you can relate somewhat to any of these details this read is for you today.

I’ve personally met and also followed online a host of people who promote the heavy use of affirmations in order to drown out the negative inner voice. Others have strategies like saying “Cancel, Cancel” when unwanted thoughts arise. There are two downfalls to these approaches to spiritual growth. 1, it’s a short term game plan that will cause negative effects and unwanted manifestations. 2, it isn’t the path of love and the length of this journey will be short before you are forced to stay stagnant or switch paths.

When we consider the latest research for understanding the mind we realize it is a mechanism that records every detailed aspect of our life. This information whether it was received sleeping or in walking life is organized and presented back to our attention when the mind sees a correlation and use for that specific data. All of this process is governed and based off our basic needs for survival.

In an attempt to protect and support us, these inner voices distribute the information to different inner entitles who lead certain areas of your life. For example fear was a huge hurdle for most of my coaching clients. Fear would present information in order to hold the body from doing certain actions that were categorized as potentially negative and harmful.

You want to start a new business and right after the idea, you are flooded with all the potential pit falls of taking that path. This is a common example of the inner dialogue protecting us. What a blessing to have such a strong and effective team helping you through life. Before we are able to take full control of our avatar, factors like, up bringing, life experience, friends, family and astrological signs program our mind to run us on autopilot. Usually the first awakening experience is simply one that says "hey, I am the captain of this ship".

This brings us to the conversation of how to deal with these voices. Let’s look back at the before mentioned strategies and I’ll use fear as an example for each.

Affirmations. So you have this voice that says you can’t pursue the path of getting a new job. You respond with affirmations. I am capable and I love my new job x 100. What happens?

Remember we are literally talking to ourselves.
How do you feel when someone directly opposes your ideas?​

This often promotes more and more, louder and louder responses as you disrespectfully over talk your teammates. You refuse to respect or listen to the mechanism that has kept you safe for a long time.
Or you try to just negate the voice and bully it into a corner. It speaks and you say “cancel cancel!! This sends the inner child cowering into the abyss looking for the strength to do its job better. We foolishly seek peace by walking down the path of inner conflict and being unreceptive. Is peace at the end of that path?

This is the process...

1.Understand the voices role
2. Thank the role
3. Invite to stay and present an open door policy.

The solution to transcending your psyche while at the same time empowering yourself is through self-love and appreciation. Again in this example of fear we have to understand the role of the voice. Think about fear being the head of security sitting in an office all day looking at cameras dedicated to protecting you. That’s love! When approaching ourselves with gratitude, respect for the mind's job duties, love and leadership we eventually dissolve the dysfunctional energy into love.

Final example.
An inner voice may say “Jason don’t write this article, nobody cares, no one wants to hear from you. You aren’t even a famous Guru. You can’t help anyone, what if you post the story and all the readers get upset because you talked about their favorite methods.

Step one. At this moment I know the pain and disappoint that could come if that scenario played out. The voice is right that could hurt potentially.

Step two. I personally give these voices names for a more personal experience. Not necessary however just realize your words and the vibrational tone you use audible or internal should be focused toward the heart.

I would say, thank you for your protection and support. You instantly map out all the pit falls on the path and within moments can breakdown all of the threats to me. Although I do not need it, I thank you for your attention to detail, your watchful eye and your willingness to tell me when something doesn’t seem right. Thank you!!

Step 3 I love hearing from you and I will always listen when I can. You are loved and you can stay with me as long as you need, I love you.

The amazing thing about Love (defined as attention without judgment) is it allows its target to be heard and acknowledged. Despite your “genuine” invite toward a long-term peace you’ll find these voices are like children who are ignored. No stop to the lengths to gain attention however once they are mindfully addressed their need to act out is gone.

Lets recap

1.Understand the voices role. Is the voice protecting you? Helping you avoid danger or unnecessary chances. Look wholly from the voices perspective.

2. Thank the role. After you understand the support you were given, give thanks for all of the protection, guidance you received. (Even though you don’t need it)

3. Invite the specific entity to stay and present an open door policy. Cultivate a long-term relationship of peace and love.

This practice can alter the landscape of your mind from a wasteland of opposing thoughts and enemies of the state. It can destroy the landfill of affirmations that in weakness compare to 1 coat of cheap paint over a graffiti filled wall.

No mater what your goal we are all seeking peace in our minds and peace in our environment, you can accomplish this prior to reaching your goal.
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Oct 5, 2015
Hi J E Roberson,
I think you are right because it is all about self-love. I think also, those little voices are just little parts of one's self and so they should be loved and not ignored or rejected. I especially liked the following part of your post:
The amazing thing about Love (defined as attention without judgment) is it allows its target to be heard and acknowledged. Despite your “genuine” invite toward a long-term peace you’ll find these voices are like children who are ignored. No stop to the lengths to gain attention however once they are mindfully addressed their need to act out is gone.
I think that part of your post, in particular, is clarifying and summarizing the whole purpose of the strategy you mentioned and how it works.