Sending Telepathic Messages. Can Anyone Relate?

Jul 21, 2018
So, I had gotten into lucid dreaming and astral projection. After, learning how to utilize my energy to do those things I also learned how to send messages purely with my intention. It might sound weird, but this is how I do it, and what I've experienced.

First, I meditate for a while until I feel a pretty blissful state. Second, I hold my palms apart from each other, and focus on the energy between them until I feel/can imagine a ball of energy between them. Third, I focus on my intent or the message I want to send, and infuse it with the ball of energy. Fourth, while doing that, I start focusing on my third eye, and make a connection between it and the ball. Finally, once my entire body is vibrating with energy, I throw the ball out to whoever/whatever I'm sending the message to, and imagine to making it's journey to them. When it works, you feel an extreme euphoria after, and you will truly feel like it reached something.

What I've experienced: The first time I did it, I sent and message of inquiry to my ex girlfriend whom I shared a toxic relationship with. My thought was something like "I wonder how you are now, and how you feel about me now, give me a sign that you are receiving this, and if you are, I want to know how you feel now, if everything's okay." Very soon after, like maybe an hour later, she sent me a direct message on social media telling me precisely that. She essentially told me that she forgave herself, forgave me, and that everything was okay for her now, that she was no longer stuck on the relationship, completely out of the blue. Before that, we hadn't talked for around 3 months!

I thought it had to be a fluke, but since then, I've done it multiple times for different things, and each time I get that blissful feeling that it worked, soon after I get a clear sign/response. It has not failed, and always shows up in the most obvious ways.

If anyone has any experiences with anything similar to this, I'd love to hear it! Or if you just have any idea what's going on here haha I never really talked to anyone about this because it seems so weird to me.