Seeking The Highest Vibration

J E Roberson

Senior Advisor
Jun 9, 2014
Colorado USA
Looking at our physical human experience from an energetic perspective you can easily see sometimes the changes we want reside at higher energy levels. This is apparent when one fails to make it to the gym or decides to stay in a job the don't feel good about. They sit at home with exhaustion creeping up saying all I need is rest.

When we fail to meet the requirements of the day we set out to accomplish, chances are we didn't hold the energetic vibration that held those options.

By seeking your source energy first you give your life the fuel to make choices different from choices you made in the past and thus with grace you can escape the cycle.

How? One way to increase the opportunities that arise in your life and create options different from your past is to seek the highest vibration…..CELEBRATION!

Gratitude is a form of celebration and works well however nothing is like flat out celebration when it comes to raising your vibration.

Think about a couple just married reading their vowels and expressing how grateful they are to have this spouse. then look at the couple dancing at the reception. Its easy to see which carries more energy.

Think about being grateful for a blessing still unseen, then think about celebrating the accomplishment prior to is showing up. Praise is the highest of energy levels we can harness because praise is celebration.

Find a reason to celebrate today! If you want share your celebration here and let us all share our stories of power.

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