Cole Erispe-O'Connor

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Feb 25, 2014
Hi Everyone,

I have come across an interesting question during my daily activities. "When will you be satisfied?" I paused and really took the time to think about it. It was an interesting question, because I was under the impression of unlimited abundance and constant growth. With such a mindset, how and when do you become satisfied?

Struggling with those words, I began to meditate on the subject, my current beliefs dictate that continual growth and contribution leads to true happiness therefore one can never truly be satisfied. I then rearranged the question.

"When will you be truly grateful for what you have?" and that was easy... Always.

So how much will it take until you're satisfied with what you have? How much is enough? Ask yourself this and meditate on it. When is enough, enough? My personal answer to the question is "Never satisfied but always grateful."

Let me know if this applies to you as well!

To Your Success,

Cole Erispe-O'Connor

Access Your Brain

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Mar 26, 2014
Toronto, Canada
Hi Cole,

"never satisfied but always grateful" - so true! That's an exact blueprint for happiness. If you are satisfied at some point and have nothing to aspire for you are done. No more motivation no drive. If you are constantly complaining and never grateful you are violating the law of gratitude which basically means not take anything for granted.

I think it's human nature not be satisfied and there is really no cap for satisfaction as long as there is no limit to perfection. I believe these tow concept go hand in hand. We all strive to perfection which is the ultimate stage of satisfaction and never reach it. That's the beauty of life! :) Thanks for bringing up this interesting question for discussion Cole.