Results of 12 Months of Mindfulness Meditation


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May 28, 2011
California, USA
Great post Conner. You could have been writing about my own last 12 months, this is powerful and it works. You alluded to something I've worked on in the last year as well, learning to expand mindfulness beyond just meditation, to throughout the day. I also liked that you touched on happiness not being in the things we desire. Unfortunately many learn this too late in life after they finally achieve most all their goals and realize they aren't happy, rather they were just consumed with working towards the goals. Goals are important but if you can't be happy and not attached to them, you set yourself up for disappointment.

Did this also change your feeling on who you really are? It shifts one from seeing that you aren't the stream of thoughts and emotions, rather the consciousness that observes the thoughts, and that it is possible to take control of them rather than let them control you.