Rely On Your Co-Creators Instead Of "Trusting The Universe"

Sep 13, 2019
Essentially, we are here to experience creating with co-creators. This is one of the main reasons why we are here. Before we came here, we made agreements with our co-creators to manifest specific experiences together so we can grow together. As individuals, we integrate with what and who we attract into our lives or are drawn to. From those connections we manifest an experience, and from those experiences we create memories with our co-creators. Essentially, we attract each other and create an experience together. Together we weave the threads of the relative and create an absolute. Our experiences in the relative become an absolute because once we have an experience, we can never be robbed of it. Third-dimensional experiences cannot be created in a higher realm. Therefore, the reason we are here is to create and have physical experiences with each other.

As a result of our purpose for being here, almost everything you do relies on a co-creator. I will take an educated guess and say that ninety-nine-percent of all your experiences will happen and can only be possible with the help of your co-creators. Even if you lived like a hermit inside your home and never left, you would quickly die without the help of your co-creators. Some people live like this today. They sit in front of a computer and/or TV all day. They have all the popular TV channels along with the fastest Internet speeds and remain happily alone and entertained every day. These people order their necessities and food online and ultimately, in due time, they rot away.

As much as these hermits condemn the outside world and the people they share this planet with, they cannot survive without the service of others. Firstly, they wouldn't have a computer and TV, let alone the entertainment that comes from the computer and TV. They would have no one to talk to online or play games with, online. There wouldn't even be a worldwide web. No one would deliver food from the supermarket because there wouldn't be a supermarket to provide the food, let alone a delivery person. They wouldn't have a dark closed-off house to hide inside because there wasn't a team of construction workers to build it for these people. I can keep going on to the point where we can count over one-hundred-thousand co-creators who have an immediate connection and contribution which allows these hermit-people to survive.

Point being, whatever life you may live, with whatever luxuries you may have, with whatever options you can choose from, all come from your co-creators. You will be intertwined throughout your life with many co-creators whose faces you will never see, and names you will never know.

Just like sound needs a medium to reach your ears, so does the universe need a medium to get to you. With that said, I want you to understand that you are in the relative living amongst co-creators in a third-dimensional, dense reality. Therefore, as long as this remains the case and as far as you should be concerned, your co-creators ARE the universe. You are dreaming if you think you can put your full direct trust in the universe and receive an immediate expedited delivery from the absolute without going through the channels of the relative. These channels are your co-creators, and only through them will your miracles occur. Without them, you would be a reference point amongst no others in a lower relative dimension that only works through a network of reference points. When deliberately attracting and manifesting, you are intentionally infusing yourself into the collective consciousness. Once inside the grid, for the purpose of your intentions, you can then gain momentum.

Because most of your experiences will come from your co-creators, it will do you no good to attempt to deliberately attract and manifest new experiences if you feel bitterness towards the people who will make it happen for you. Feeling bitterness will kill your chances before they have a chance to happen. Feeling any negativity towards your co-creators will put limitations on your intended outcomes. Remember that you attract who you are and manifest what you believe. Therefore, the quality of your manifested experiences will be tainted if you aren't resonating with the co-creators who are intertwined with that experience.

I would now like to bring to your attention the rest of the co-creators out there. Not your friends, or family, or intimate partners, or people who are close to you. I’m talking about everyone else. These people can be the people you see once and never again. They can be people of influence in your life, both good and bad, whose names and faces will never be revealed to you. They can be fly-by-night angels who are there to help you get out of a rut when you are in trouble. They can be merchants you buy products from. These are the so-called “outsiders” who are not part of your safe inner circle of friends, family, and partners.

A significant portion of your manifesting success will come from the temporary co-creators in your life. We are creatures who are genetically designed to live in packs. These packs function amongst each other in what we call society. Therefore, most of our visions for a better lifestyle are dependent on society to come to fruition. Because of this, our co-creators have a strong bearing on whether or not our desires will come to fruition, which means, you must have a genuine appreciation for ALL your co-creators if you wish to have optimal success in all your attraction and manifestation pursuits.

Here’s a final thought. All the people who influence your life (both knowingly and unknowingly) are mediums or chain reactions within a divine plan that is now in progress. In a higher evolved society where all is at their best and realize their gifts, talents, and personal power, they live in a very balanced synergy. Their give-and-take in life is to everyone’s advantage. All decisions are made for the well-being of the individual making the decision and the well-being of everyone else’s. Unfortunately, we don't live in a higher evolved society. In our society, we either recognize our power and use it or have someone else use it for us. Therefore, realize that if you are not aware of what your goals and desires are then there is no telling how all the co-creators around you relate to you. At least when you do know where you desire to be, then and only then can you know where you stand and appreciate everyone's purpose in your life, as valuable contributors, whilst you continue towards your desired outcome.

P.S. Sorry for hogging this forum's sub-topic :-P. The information that many of you behold is more valuable than you think or know. You should share it with the rest of us.

~Nicholas D’Arezzo~