Reading Og Mandino and Paulo Coelho


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Jun 1, 2011
Two of my most favorite authors are Og Mandino and Paulo Coelho. Og Mandino is a superb author who is known to have inspired millions of people worldwide through his many books translated to so many languages and which raked in millions of sales.

Og Mandino’s many self-help books are all amazing – as of now my collection is not yet complete. His books are definitely treasures and best for times when I feel down or disappointed and I need to boost my spirit.

On the other hand, Paulo Coelho is another great author but his books are akin to a travelogue. And if you want to be transported to amazing and exotic places around the world, Paulo is a master of his craft as he can effectively tells us that the real treasure is not just the journey but more so the experiences and lessons we encounter and learn along the way.


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Jun 29, 2011
I have not read any of their books or articles yet but it seems it could be worth reading some of it. I am just quite familiar with Paulo Coelho since I could see his name on some of my friends Facebook wall posts. It will be really nice to read useful works of them and be able to learn from it.


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Oct 6, 2011
I read Og Mandino as a teenager. I don't remember details of his books, but I know I enjoyed them very much. I had a small group of friends who all read his stuff at the same time. We were so young and so in awe of his words. Paulo Coelho has been a constant in my life for decades. I know Portuguese, so I've read all of his works in his original language. I also re-read some of them in English and I felt something had been lost in the translation. Coelho's words didn't reach as deep into the soul in English. I've never thought of his books as sounding like travelogues. To me, they read like parables.