Question for the liesurely readers out there!

Sergio Ramos

Feb 13, 2018
Hello, everyone! I want to sort of benchmark myself on reading. See, I've always had trouble reading anything. I could never focus enough to read more than 3 paragraphs of anything before my brain wandered off and I lost interest. That has changed. I'm reading one of the "..... for dummies" books and I'm reading 5-7 pages a night. I want to know from those casual readers. How many pages do you read in about an hour?

Sarah Carlson

Advisor Member
Feb 11, 2018
Hello again Sergio!

First off, I will admit I am not a good benchmark! I am an ultra-marathoner of books. I have read thousands throughout my life. Most of my friends take a week or more to read a small book, so that is probably a better bookmark. Remember, start small and finish strong :)

It depends on the content of what I'm reading.

A light hearted fiction novel I can typically read in 2-3 hours. That's about 100 pages an hour. I have had years of practice. Trust me, I wish I could read slower! It lets me savour books more. At a guess I probably read 100+ books a year. Normally one book or more every couple days.

An in-depth research book might take an hour+ per chapter. It really depends. If I find a book fascinating I will read, reread, take notes and absorb what is said.

This year I have read less books then normal. I am studying in-depth about personal development and entrepreneurship. So each book I savour slowly and read many times. It lets the lessons sink in deeply.

:) Hope you're doing well!
It's great to see you've started reading. Books are food for the mind and soul.
I know podcasts are also very helpful