Question about laziness and need feedback on my current mindset


Dec 26, 2018
I used to be that person. I always thought to myself why give my 100% into something that there isnt necessarily any benefit to? But slowly started to realize the more and more I devalue the importance of putting my 100% into the little things the more and more lazier I became and the more difficult it became to put in that 100% effort into things that I prioritized highly. This is a controversial topic because some will disagree and say you can play conservative and it'll be ok but honestly when you think about it, it,s actually the opposite. The less productive and active you are the more comfortable and stagnant your mind and body become. It's part of the law of physics, like Issac Newton put it an object in motion will stay in motion unless an equal or greater force stops it. In order to improve your energy you will have to change your perspective and overall change your mindset.
Wow this was very similar to what I was thinking. I had a feeling if the majority of the things in my life are useless and I give them barely any effort then it will make me lazy for other things, which will require me to have more discipline for stuff that I want to do. Is this accurate? I was going to try for 30 days to put 100% effort into everything see if it makes a difference.