Practise self development as a game? - survey


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Jul 23, 2011
Dear friends,

Kindly help us contribute to the Personal Development Community by taking this quick survey. or
Survey link


When life is a game, self development must be as fun as levelling up :d

N E O B I A N >>>> The aim of the contribution is to provide a fun and effective way of tracking the individual progress of self development in real world and getting the help of the community when the going gets tough. It also attempts to numerically measure the success of the progress (score) and enable the comparison of two person relative to their personal growth endeavor. It enables someone less evolved, to study the blueprint of a highly evolved and self developed person and to mimic the same (NLP principle), which otherwise would require years of trial and error effort to catch up. The solution will be offered via web and mobile, for users to have frequent access to it, until technology evolves sufficiently to have the solution implanted (always on) in users.

Thank you.

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