Plastic Shamans and Rainbow Warriors

May 15, 2014
Cultural Genocide
Christian missions and newer troubles
Steadily stealing away our sense of being
Conquered, contained and forced to convert
Some of us still cling to what we have left
Surviving cruel priests and maniacal ministers
Churches of Spain, France, England and America

Old Adversaries
Founding fathers cloaked in Christianity
New Age purveyors, seemingly in the church's shadow
Turning their attention upon our ancient homelands
Seeing us as obstacles as do now their descendants
Having us either killed or methodically assimilated
Starting before George Washington and continuing today

Capitalistic Supremacists
Now forcing a new religion upon us all
Specially crafted to fill needs and coffers
The clergy of grifters, hucksters and frauds
Beholding to a greedy god's all seeing eye
Stirring in impure and artificial ingredients
Not all that picky, they will stew Christians

Spiritual stew
A huge, shiny new age trade kettle
Cooking fires fueled by bones of their dead
People's knowledge and beliefs stewed into lies
Adding in the choice cuts of our spiritual being
Spiced with gaudy trappings and counterfeit objects
Carefully tended by chain restaurant managers

These charlatans
Plastic shamans and medicine people
Still robbing us as did their ancestors
Shameless greed, never are they satisfied
Of privileged lives and gluttonous appetites
Quack swindlers and their attack dog acolytes
Prodding old wounds, they mock our beliefs

Their temples
Once inside they all look the same
Measured unfairly according to status
The love and life within a caste system
Their perpetual ascent to the top of nowhere
Spiritualists channeling fictitious native spirits
Feathers, wolves, buckskin and buffalo hide dreams

Earth Songs
More like cannibalistic hags passing gas
Against a backdrop of mute sylvan greenery
Plastic shamans along with propaganda priestesses
Aside from evil spirits, mouthpieces and vestments
Little different from the Christian missions of old
The great lie over truth, reward and punishment

Rainbow Chiefs
Deviant warriors defending their pots of gold
And flocks of white sheep all bleating the same
Chants, mantras, or anything else they are told
Watchful shepherds who have a taste for mutton
When not preying on us they will eat their own
Their cloying scent transcending space and time

Uncle Tomahawks
Sell outs and those of sordid convictions
Spreading the great lie, they whore for glory
What they have been tricked out of is tainted
Knowledge that these new age charlatans misapply
Attempting to cheaply sell what never should be sold
We will contend with these traitors in the next world

Remaining indomitable
Although many of us do good just to exist
Some still enduring their lot in stoic silence
Others snarl, growl and howl at this violation
The plastic shamans, grifters and card turning
Mockingly unable to summon our revered ancestors
Sometimes successfully seducing our weakest kin
Feb 6, 2013
Great poem! This is a really deep poem that has a lot of layers in it. I appreciate reading it and attempting one layer of understanding. I will have to read it again to discover more.
Feb 6, 2013
My thanks for your kindly words and greetings to you, Charles.

Tell me, what happened to this place, where are all the myth talkers?
Greetings to you, Atehequa. It is a pleasure to speak to the author of poetry like the one you created above!

Concerning your question, I'm not sure. I think they moved on to different things, if I understand your definition of "myth talkers" correctly.