Personal Development Lessons From Popular TV Characters


Nov 14, 2019
Hey everyone, it's great to be amongst ambitious like-minded people in this community!

I wanted to share with you a free series that combines important personal development lessons with popular TV characters, in an effort to make the lessons even more engaging. Although I'm not claiming to be the expert, I have spent years studying the most successful people in their fields, and really believe in the content.

I realise coming in and posting a link within a couple of days may seem a little spammy, but these videos aren't monetized in any way, and I honestly think this is the perfect community to share them with. They took many, many hours to make, so I very much hope you enjoy!

Characters/shows featured so far:
Michael Scott (The Office)
Rick Sanchez (Rick & Morty)
Walter White (Breaking Bad)
The Gang (It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia)
Bojack Horseman (Bojack Horseman)
... Lots more coming soon on the channel! (Feel free to suggest some shows/characters).

I hope the videos are engaging/useful! :) Thanks.

Looking forward to connecting with you all!