Personal Development and others kids.


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Jul 11, 2015
I was asked to make up some SD cards up, full of rock music for my wife's, friends teenage child at work awhile ago. I did, but I also threw a couple audio books on there, Tony Robbins, Darren Hardy etc etc..books I thought would help a kid out. (Especially since I heard she had some social problems.)
I mentioned this to my wife and her friend. And got a huge backlash that, "that's not my place". And gave me back the SD card with the audiobooks on it.

Apparently it didn't matter though, the subject matter that some of the music was about...

If they only knew the benefits to learning this stuff would be a tragedy for this kid to learn something to better her life, and break away from the common consciousness :)
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J E Roberson

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Jun 9, 2014
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Thanks for sharing @Quest I've hit this wall before so I "think" I know where you are coming from.

Just to start the discussion, I was recently reading a book that mentioned all humans could have a soul agenda. One of many examples said a possible agenda may be to learn from living within the walls and parameters of societal norms. When I hear stories like this or think about the backlash a lot of my network marketing clients get from offering opportunities to others, I know the agenda to not reach much further than the current is real on the life of some.

I mean, I could only imagine the backlash you got but its seems it has to be some invisible wall with the extreme reactions we get trying to help.

It made me ponder about the other side of our intentions...
Maybe your good deed could have been as offensive as trying to get a healthy person to try drugs. Based on their soul's agenda
My attempt to help those who oppose spiritual topics, discuss and reach higher levels of faith could be taking them off their spiritual path based on their soul's agenda.
I believe one thing for sure Quest, we can't stop reaching out with positivity, the worlds needs you, me and all of those who show up to forums like this.