Personal Breakthrough


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May 28, 2011
California, USA
I don't think I could ever tie anything to a particular moment, other than perhaps the moments I decided on a new and different course of action. For example a difficult decision whether to move into a leadership role in my career, having doubts whether I would be successful or like it. It took going deep into my beliefs that one has to take risks and new challenges in order to enjoy life and create success. So once I made the decision to move forward, along with that came a mental commitment to do whatever it took to succeed. That is sort of a breakthrough to move from a attitude of doubt to a attitude of "can do".

I suppose another "breakthrough" was much earlier in life when I came to the realization that there are "secrets" to being successful that nobody had ever taught me, and that nobody I knew cared to teach me, and therefore it was up to me to seek out that information from the self help masters.

Sophia G

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Dec 9, 2012
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I think all the decisions in my career came from the need to get the promotions to get the next raise in salary. I was raised in a blue collar family where everyone contributed from an early age just to put food on the table. My parents worked hard to instill in me a terrific work ethic, so that I could get 'ahead' and out of that kind of life. I will be forever grateful to them for that because I've been able to provide a different kind of life for my children. But, I digress. That work ethic has also resulted in the mental commitment that msuccess talks about. We all have doubts, but if we don't try, we don't grow!


Jan 14, 2012

Graduating high school for me was a big one. Graduating college was an even bigger one. Yes, these are successes that a lot of people have, but I was the first in my family. I have relatives who graduated high school, but never university. And most of them had kids before they were 18 (not an exaggeration). So for me, it was a really big deal to finally succeed in such a big way.

Jo Edwards

Sep 16, 2014
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I always tell this story about success.

I was doing everything I could to learn to attract women. I went to seminars, I watched instructional videos, and I watched documentaries. One day I carelessly hurt someone's feelings, and came close to getting expelled from school.

Now when I write to people and motivate them to be successful I tell this story, which was inspired by those events.

In the little village out in the darkest woods, a group of hunters yells and chants about their victory. Every month they go on a wolf hunt. Every month they come back with rabbits instead. It seems all they could do is catch rabbits. "I'll come back wearing their skins!" Their leader cried out. So they marched into the darkness, returning a few hours later with a handful of rabbits. Finally, the villagers abandoned the hunters' leader. "We're fed up with you and your stupid rabbits." The chief banished the hunting group's leader.

"No more gold coins raining down in revelry. No more women swooning when I walk by." He felt like he had lost everything as he wandered through the forest. He set up camp where he thought he would be safest. The map he carried was the same map he used during the hunts. It was supposed to show the wolf territories.

The next morning he went out in search of rabbits. He had given up on the idea of hunting wolves. When he returned he placed the rabbits in his cave, so he could skin and salt them later. Before he could seal off the cave he heard something move in the forest around the camp. It was the rustling of the leaves. When he turned around he saw 30 wolves surrounding him, growling. The leader of the hunting pack stared him down with merciless yellow eyes. It knew the twists and turns in the forest. It could see prey even in the dark. The alpha slowly approached, one step every second. The rest of the pack started closing the circle. The exiled hunter was trapped, his life was over. One day into his new life, and it was almost over. He backed up in fear, and the wolves pounced. They scraped his eyes and started tearing at his chest.

As the wolves carnivorously, time seemed to stop for the hunter. He reached for a stone and struck the wolves randomly as he could not see. They gave up their hunt and ran back to their den, but the dead remained. As he needed new eyes and a new heart he took them from the wolves closest. Amazingly, he saw the way back to the den, and his new heart raced with excitement when he thought of the hunt. His yellow eyes gleamed in the moonlight, and his wolfblood gave him new life and new strength. He found their home and struck them down one by one. After years of hunting for success, his success was the one hunting him. While he lay helpless under the voracious claws of the wolf pack, the only words he could hear were the words he screamed at the beginning of every hunt. "I will return wearing their skin!".

The next morning, just as the sun rose over the mountains, he walked through the village gate wearing the most spectacular fur coat soaked in blood.

The story reminds me that people who will make me successful are looking for me out of necessity. If the map I have doesn't work, then I should construct a new map, and when I find my treasure, I must be ready with my conviction to take success, or I may not come out alive. Most importantly, the story reminds me that the first success leads to a new way of seeing the world. After my huge failure with women, coming close to expulsion, the next day I attracted a beautiful girl, and the next week it happened again. I was completely different.

You can get success more easily by following people who've endured a wolf's tale in their own lives, modeling how they see the world. Success in that way comes easily because you can make 1% improvements every day, and in 8 years, you'll be 1000% better. The wolf's tale takes about the same amount of practice, but I use it when there is no one to follow. I use it when I don't want to follow unethical methods of making money, when I don't want to follow the usual path for seducing people. I probably use it for everything. I usually don't see any success until I come closest to failure. The rest of the i


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Sep 15, 2014
I would love to share!

Admit that my story of success was helped by someone awesome but that is not the point to my comment. I went from a very low point in my life not really having the confidence to really go for what I believed it, letting people walk all over me and listening to there horrid remarks. But then at some point I decided that I decided that I didn't want to feel like that anymore. So I made the decision with a little help, to really start to turn my life around.
The more that I pushed myself to get what I really wanted the more that the success started to stack up, It made me feel like for too long I had really been letting myself down and letting all the hate stop me from living up to my true potential. Life was really starting to make sense!

So personally I feel like this is the time where I have achieved the most success as it was the start of an amazing journey :)