New here, recovering from serious illness & starting from scratch


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Dec 29, 2017
Ontario, Canada
Hi everyone. I used to be a professional with a partner, a home, car, secure job, and so on. I was not happy though, and was often sick. I had a health crisis a couple of years ago and everything in my life fell apart. I was left with nothing but my cat and a few small belongings. I moved out of the city I loved and although I tried really hard to keep up I just couldn't do it anymore and I had to stop working so I could take care of my health. I haven't had much support. It's been a really lonely journey. I'm single an have no children.

I've spent the last year focusing on my health. I recognize that physical healing is not separate from mental, emotional, spiritual healing. So I've been focused on all of them. It's been challenging but I think I'm getting somewhere. I am not very functional but I'm starting to get my personality back (I also have a neurological condition).

I have so many dreams. I have big dreams, and I want to make a positive difference in the world. I'm starting with little changes and am moving towards a functional life where I can work again, socialize and go back to school. I'm glad to have found this website and hope to connect with like minded people.

As a healthy person I'm really adventurous. I love being outdoors and being really active. I also love being at home and reading a book, being out in the country with no technology and being in the middle of the big city too. I have dabbled in a lot of things. I really love life and I really love people.

Despite all of that I have had social anxiety most of my life which has made it hard to make friends, and the illness took away everything that I held dear to my heart, but I feel like I can get all of that back and more. I really would like to make friends and find myself again.