Needing Power

Patrick Frank

Advisor Member
Dec 15, 2014
Arden, NC
Stumbling down the driveway
headed for the Shell station
at 3 a.m.

A feeling of fear washes over me
as I pump gas, then head inside
for some soda

Headed back out I look up
and spy the bright half-moon
an image from above

making me feel more settled

On my way home listening
to Jackson Browne, talkin'
about power

I need some of that power
tonight in my soul, need some
of that power till the first light
of dawn

I have some worries
well, we all do

Have some aches and pains
well, that's nothing new

Now I'm listening
to the trash truck outside
near to 4 a.m.

Thinking about people
who treat strangers like trash
and manipulate friends

Let me not do that

Thinking about people
who must be number one
to be satisfied

Let me not be that

The mind can go to a lot of places at 4 a.m.
When you're alone, and all you've got
is time on your hands

Time, there it is again
thinking about the preciousness
of time

Each moment can yield
a spiritual treasure, or not
It all depends

It all depends
on how you live your life
I guess

Do you stick to the truth
or do you lie?

Do you laugh in the face of tragedy
or do you cry?

It all depends, I think
on how you choose
to live your life