My Plausible Explanation For Why Manifesting Lucidly Is So Frigging Difficult

Sep 13, 2019
((WARNING: Over 1,400 words……..It's a bit on the long side.))

A successfully executed deliberate-manifestation is the result of the application and maintenance of a compartmentalized strategy. There are eight compartments involved during the process of deliberately manifesting that influence the outcome according to the amount of energy that is put in each separate compartment. Each compartment, if focused on alone, will render results of some kind. However, to successfully manifest lucidly, you should apply all eight compartments simultaneously.

As you become more skilled, you will only need to enhance the compartments that need work and strengthening. The way to do this is by focusing on the compartments you don't want to remain in default-mode during your next deliberate-manifestation attempts. Keep in mind, as you read each compartment, that the default-mode definition is neutral. In other words, depending on where you are positioned in life will depend on whether the default-mode definition is one that describes your advantage or disadvantage.

The first three compartments, when combined, represents your beliefs about yourself, the world around you, and what you can achieve. As you work on the first three compartments, you will know yourself better concerning your interests and your awareness of the strengths in yourself and others. As you give diligence to the first three compartments, you become capable of more because like attracts like.

Compartment 1:
*Awareness of the experiences you want to call your own.
*In default-mode, it is an awareness of the experiences you are currently having, and their limitations.

Compartment 2:
*Awareness of who you are, and all your great attributes.
*In default-mode, it is an awareness of who you currently believe yourself to be.

Compartment 3:
*Awareness of your co-creators great attributes.
*In default-mode, it is an awareness of what you currently believe and feel about others.

The fourth compartment is the expansion of your mind and the strengthening of your gravity. The fourth compartment, if not done, will not stop you from getting results. In fact, if you don't work on the first four compartments and apply the last four compartments, you will attract what you have always attracted, only faster. This may be necessary for some of you to get an idea of where you are currently positioned, so by no means do I shun this approach.

Compartment 4:
*Your focusing to calibrate and strengthen your gravity in order to attract the elements and co-creators needed for a specific experience.
*In default-mode, it is staying aware of the immediate reality that currently surrounds you.

The next step, which is the fifth compartment, is the initiation of the collapse. In this step, you recite the ultimate attraction and manifestation mantra which is, “I am ready.” When you say these words and mean it and feel it, followed by your setting forth to action with motion, the first four compartments hit a short circuit with your reality and proceed into a collapse mode. This is because your attention gets redirected and you are leaving the scene (so to say) which is what initiates the collapse of your thought-energy into this physical reality.

Compartment 5:
*Your readiness, your intentions, and your motion.
*In default-mode, it is your current intentions and motion as it always has been.

Next is the sixth compartment which is staying in the moment. What I'm talking about is keeping your full attention at the moment where your physical body is. All journeys start with a first step and you can only move upwards, one step at a time. Therefore, you must remain in the only place you can make the first step, and that is in the present moment.

Being here and now, at the moment, allows for attractions to take place and for new experiences to begin. It's the centrifugal clutch in the attraction machine which, in turn, is the centrifugal clutch in the manifestation machine. If your mind is always somewhere else, then your energy is somewhere else. If your energy is somewhere else, then your desires can't catch up to you. Keep your intentions, energy, and expectations in the present moment with you.

Compartment 6:
*Belonging and having a presence in the present by staying in the moment.
*In default-mode, it is your selective belonging to specific people, places, and situations according to how you have always belonged. Your mind will always be in the moment you would rather be in when in compartment-six default-mode.

Next is the seventh compartment which regards the key factors or elements needed to nurture an experience. These key factors are also the physical evidence or proof of your success in deliberately attracting and manifesting. Compartment-seven is where you focus on the people, places, and things that would enhance your experience by helping you relate to the experience in the way you desire. For example, If a man wants to socialize at elegant parties, then he is going to need a high-end tailored suit if he wants to belong to an experience like that. In a case like this, the suit is merely a tool to help him belong to the elegant-party experience how he would like to belong to it. Therefore, a high-end tailored suit is one of the elements needed to complete the elegant-party experience.

That said, the elements you wish to attract are merely tools to aid you in having an experience the way you want to have an experience. These are the tools you need for you to belong to the experiences you desire in the way you would like to belong to them. This is the compartment where you stay aware of the key elements that make your desired experiences inevitable if they are present the way you want them to be present in your life.

Compartment 7:
*Seeking the key elements you need in order to intentionally interact with the experiences you desire, in the way you desire to contribute to them. These elements include people, places, and things.
*In default-mode, compartment-seven represents what you currently have in your life as well as who is currently in your life. Compartment-seven represents the tools you use to contribute to your current experiences. Also, compartment-seven represents where you currently live, work, and play.

Last is compartment-eight, and in this compartment (if done in unison with the others) you are in total motion, with full intentions, backed only by your truth and whatever work you put into yourself. This is the compartment where you are at the point of “cashing in.” Compartment-eight deals with the implementation of yourself in attempts to create new relations with your co-creators in order to create new experiences.

Your attention creates gravity which simultaneously draws in and repels factors accordingly. Your co-creators also have a gravity from their awareness which can attract or repel you according to their gravity, in relation to yours. The goal is for you and a co-creator to be in sync and deliberately pull each other together for a specific experience where you will both complement each other.

Your gravity will bring possibilities nearby while repelling everything else if you stay intentional. Once those possibilities are near, your magnetism will click with those possibilities while repelling everything else. Your magnetism flows through your presence-expressed. Your presence-expressed creates an immediate bond once the possibilities gravitate near you if you are on the same wavelength as you were when you focussed on the possibilities. As you click with others, you become something different as a new whole, and that new whole is an experience. Together you create an experience that has its own unique “molecular” bond.

Compartment 8:
*Interjection of yourself intentionally with co-creators, places, and things.
*In default-mode, it is the interjection of yourself unintentionally with expectations that
everything will remain the same. In default-mode, you will maintain your current way of living according to the direction your environment and your past is taking you. Regardless of whether you have claimed your power or not, compartment-eight is where you express your truth.

The quality of your life is limited to the compartment you have invested the least amount of willpower in. This means that the quality of your life is only going to be as good as your weakest link. As you grow in life, these different areas grow and balance out with each other. In other words, as one area improves it pulls the others up as they tug it down until they find a balanced point. The same balancing effect applies if a compartment repositions for the worse. Ultimately, you want all eight compartments to be at an optimal point, working in harmony together.

~Nicholas D'Arezzo~

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